What really makes money. Go east young man

Article by Charlie Wright

As a dedicated follower of all things that make money… or that have the potential to make money… I often make spiritual journeys east to seek out the truth.

All on your behalf, of course! But I don’t need your thanks, or your money…

Mind you, when I say “east”… I mean that on Friday evening I journeyed to the Isle of Dogs in Docklands, London.

It’s only slightly further east than my flat in Hackney, but who’s to argue?

The idea was to meet up with my old mentor and biz opp guru, Nick Laight. We share a love of weird and wonderful music, so we decided to help out at a gig one of Sarah’s friends was holding in an old theatre.

Basically, we were the sound guys… DJ’s hidden up in the balcony with the film projector… and all we got was free entry and a slap on the back. But we were in it because we enjoy seeing people’s faces when they hear an old tune they love.

It can’t all be about money, can it?

After the gig, we went for some late drinks. And that was where I decided to interrogate Nick on what he thought was hot in the biz opp world since we last met a month or two ago.

Now, if you haven’t heard of Nick Laight, then you should. He’s one of the most trustworthy gurus in the country.

Whatever you choose as your home business, you’re probably going to come across him.

The guy who knows what ‘really’ makes money

Nick’s been at the sharp end of marketing, publishing and finance for over a decade. He was once a Director of Fleet Street Publications. Those guys have published almost every kind of trading service, self help product and moneymaking strategy you can think of.

He was also the man behind the Guild of Wealth, a powerful biz opp network from the late 90s.

It was only three years ago that he set up his own company, Canonbury Publishing, from his kitchen table with his wife Heloise.

They ALREADY turnover a million quid a year.

So believe me, this guy knows his stuff.

His subscriber-only service, ‘What Really Makes Money’, is an absolute must-have if you’re serious about starting your own business.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say this:

NOT having ‘What Really Makes Money’ as a biz opp resource is a bit like arriving in Buenos Aires with no map, no guidebook, no Spanish skills, and a t-shirt that says, “ROB ME”.

(Apart from the t-shirt slogan, I HAVE actually experienced this, but that’s for another time…)

I’ve been subscribing to ‘What Really Makes Money’ since it began, and won’t try a single course, book or opportunity until I’ve scoured Nick’s stuff for his views.

All the stuff I can’t find out for you

I can only tell you what I already know about various opportunities and promotions… or my gut instinct on things.

Nick, on the other hand, is a seasoned professional with teams of researchers working for him.

Every month, he goes through the latest opps and mailshots with a fine toothcomb. If they don’t live up to their promises, he gives them an almighty slap.

But Nick’s reviews are just a tiny part of what he does.

In fact, the most important thing he does is to seek out and publish the very best business ideas around.

Heard of Sharon Fussell’s Amazon trader? That was down to Nick

Each month What Really Makes Money lays out home business blueprints you can set up within days.

There’s a lot of detail, but they’re easy to follow, thanks to Nick’s chatty style of writing. (A big influence on my own, if you think that’s a good thing!)

For instance, have you seen recent promotions for Sharon Fussell’s eBook on becoming an Amazon Trader?

She started that after reading a blueprint in What Really Makes Money? Now, with Nick’s help, she makes £15,000 a year working just 2 hours a day. And with a lot of money behind him, he can make some pretty bold promises.

For example, if he doesn’t help you make at least £25,000 part time or £75K full time in your first year, you don’t have to pay him a penny!

Jonathan Street is another one…

Within four days of subscribing to What Really Makes Money, he’d got his first ebook business up and running. Within another two he’d made his first sale. Now he’s writing a whole series of my ebooks, DVD’s and training programmes.

Basically, the guy has found his niche.

As for me, I got much of the advice and tips on setting up Adventures in the Biz Opp Jungle from What Really Makes Money, so I can’t recommend it enough.

But rather than listen to me bleat on about it, why not read what Nick has to say?

Get his 7 best business blueprints

”So anyway, Nick,” I said, a round of drinks safely on the table in a late night east end bar. “What’s hot?”

“Charlie, are you just going to publish this for free in your email?” he said, frowning.


“Then there had better be a link to my newsletter, then,” he said. (He’s nobody’s fool.) “If your readers want to test these out, they can take them as a free gift, just for trying What Really Makes Money.”

With that settled, he explained his 7 most successful business blueprints…. including eBay, premium rate telephone lines, e- letters, eBooks, online affiliates and even your local council’s planning office.

But to keep my promise, rather than spill the beans here, I’ll let you read them all here

As Nick says, his blueprints are risk free to look at and try out. You can send them back if you’re not happy. So check them out.

Tell him Charlie sent you!

Take a look at Nick’s promotion for yourself. He makes a  pretty bold promise: if he doesn’t help you make at least  £15,000 part time or £75K full time in your first year, you don’t have to pay him for his advice.

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