Whatever you do, do not buy this damn MSTG scam stock

MSTG Scam Penny Stock

MSTG Scam Penny StockI can’t believe it…

When I first alerted readers to this ‘Pump and Dump’ scam trying to flog MSTG penny stocks I’d only received 3 or 4 emails. I say only but actually that’s 3 or 4 emails too many as these were completely and utterly unsolicited. They came from the following senders:

Upcoming Penny
Hot Penny

All of them were shamelessly pumping MSTG penny stocks for the reasons which I explain in the aforementioned article. A summary for the purposes of this blog post would be: to scam you out of money.

Since I posted the article they’ve ramped up the inbox assault. I’ve now had a gobsmacking 47 of these emails. There are three new sending addresses and two ever so slightly different ones:

Ultimate Penny (this time with a gap between the words)
HotPenny (this time with no gap between the words)

Gaps between words… no gaps… what will they think of next? Anyway just to confirm once again, this is utter spam scam nonsense. Do not touch any of these companies – either the worthless MSTG stock or anything else they recommend.

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