When search engines lie to you

Article by Charlie Wright

Did you know that Google is a big fat LIAR?


Well, it’s not just Google, but pretty much every search engine you can think of.

It’s not really the fault of the search engine itself. I mean, I’m not about to get tied up in any slander or slanging matches here.

Besides, Google hosts ads on my website, and I use their search engine a lot for research. So please don’t smite me, O Lord Google, Leader of the Free World.

But there’s something amiss and that’s for sure…

What I am talking about is the deliberate manipulation of search engines by scamsters and vested interests.

Right now, these people are working hard to trick you.

It’s about time you knew the score.

Smoke and mirrors

Most people think you type a word into a search engine and it comes up with a list of the most relevant websites.

No. What happens is that people optimise their sites so that they’re the links you see first.

Nothing wrong with that…

But it’s worth remembering that these aren’t in order of respectability or benefit to YOU.

The real problem arises when you start searching for opinions about companies and biz opp products using Google.

For instance, type “Prosperity Network’s Prosperity Automated System” into Google and you’ll get hundreds of glowing sales sites.

Looks good?

Well, these are all affiliate sites, all desperately selling the same biz opp product to you. It may seem like half the world is making money from PAS, but on the contrary…

Half the biz op world is TRYING to make money from PAS. But they won’t. Because it’s a pyramid scheme.

Before I go into why, let me get back to Google…

Say you suspect PAS might be a scam. So you decide to type “PAS scam” into Google and see what comes up on the various forums.

You’ll go to a forum review that says:

‘One of my close friends said to me several days ago:
“PAS is SCAM! Prosperity Automated System is just sophisticated scam!’

Then you read on as the writer then SELLS the PAS system. It’s not a scam warning at all, it’s a way of making sure that all searches for ‘scam’ lead to more sales.

The internet gets swamped with these fake scam warnings, and you never get to read the real thing.

These are DISGUISED as genuine testimony from ordinary people who’ve got rich from PAS, but they’re not. The majority of these people are moles from high up in the pyramid scheme, trying to keep the hype going.

Same goes for most forums. They’re packed with people telling each other how much money they made from PAS.

In fact, forums are so full of positive reviews of PAS, that I had to try really hard to find negative comments.

See what I mean? It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Wham, scam, thankyou mam!

The same goes for the sales letters and links you get for PAS. For instance, you might have got emails recently linking to websites with names like ‘megawealthy.com’.

These sites are simply ways of leading to you to sales pitches for P.A.S.

If you haven’t seen PAS yet, these guys claim they “will promote any Website, Product of Business Opportunity for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!”

But don’t be fooled. This is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

In a classic pyramid scheme, Bill recruits a sucker called Bob. Bob pays Billy $3895 and then Bob has to do the same to get paid. To keep making money, the chain of Bobs and Billies has to keep growing and spreading.

It’s the same with PAS. You pay to set up websites, then you need to get other people to set up websites so that you can get the money back.

There’s no product or service. There’s no real lasting business. You just have to keep selling links though your links to make money for people in the pyramid above you.

Unless you’re an international marketer, or have an email list of 10,000 names hanging about the place, you’re not going to make the money back.

Not that you’d know it from search engines

If you look at most threads on forums, you only see good things about PAS. That’s because all these people are ‘cheerleaders’ – thousands of hopefuls who are in the schemes and won’t have a bad word said about it.

The thing is, if bad vibes about PAS start doing the rounds, fewer new people will sign up. This eats into everyone’s profits.

Ultimately, if people stop believing, the whole system would collapse.

This is why people furiously post glowing reports and angrily denounce all sceptics. I mean, I’ve seen naysayers take unbelievably heavy abuse from Pro-PAS fanatics online.

Hate mail, almost.

Perhaps I’ll even get some myself after writing this email and putting the review on this website.

But I don’t care. Sticks and stone and all that…

It’s my right to voice my view
– and your right to hear it

Look at the facts…

Basic membership to PAS is $1,995 for a year. You earn up to $1,100 per sale whether you introduce a Business or Basic membership.

You also have to pay a further $190 per month for approximately 100 leads. These are probably generated by the Prosperity network, who then get the leads passed back to them. They then ring the leads and upsell their product for more money.

For YOU to get a sniff of the profits, you need to get new members, and for those new members to constantly get MORE new members – every day!

They say that you can make $3,000 a day referring new people. But if that were the case, the system would collapse in less than a month when the total members of PAS became greater than the population of this humble planet.

But hey, why not?

Many people make money from pyramid schemes, so a FEW people will be making decent money from it… i.e those at the top.

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