Why 99% of people aren’t aware of this backdoor opp

Article by Charlie Wright

In the ‘90s I used to subscribe to a service called SuperTrader.

It showed you where to get mega-cheap cars, tellies, computers, clothes… and either keep them as bargain luxury goods… or flog ‘em for a profit.

I was gutted when SuperTrader disappeared in 2000.  And at the time I wasn’t sure why.

But looking back on it, the reasons are obvious.

People were feeling richer and more confident as they emerged from the early ‘90s recession… employment was rising… the influx of goods from places like China were driving down the prices of many luxuries… and many people were suddenly making good money in the New Economy stock market boom without really trying.

In those heady Blair-ite Cool Britannia days, the idea of buying stuff for really low prices stopped being popular. So too did the trend for buying stuff cheap and selling it on for a profit.

The internet wasn’t like it was today. At that time, most people didn’t know how or where they would sell on their sneakily-gotten gains.

It seemed like an awful lot of effort compared to all these weird and wonderful new e-businesses that had NO product.
Well, we’re in a new era now.

EBay and other internet sites mean you can flog products to millions of potential customers…you can have a vast online global shop with no premises or staff… and you can set this up for free… and fast…. if you can source the products.

Meanwhile the economic mayhem has forced people to start thinking about saving serious amounts of money. The cost of almost everything is rising. And who among us is confident of a glorious economic future right now?

The question you should ask yourself is this…

Why pay full whack for anything when people IN THE KNOW are getting it for half the price?

Why should YOU toe the line and become a VAT cash-cow for the government? Is it up to YOU to spend your way out of the recession on behalf of your countrymen?

I know what MY answer is.

The good news is… there’s no need to pay big money for what you need ever again.

Whether you’re thinking of setting up an online business… or you’re just skint and you want a new telly, ipod, cooker, car, pair of trousers, jewellery or even a holiday… then here’s a cracking little opportunity. Take a look at this.

This is a clever way you can get find repossessed goods… import sources… little known auctions and trade sources… and get your mitts on quality goods for prices that will knock your socks off.

You’ll discover…

* How to practically STEAL brand new appliances, kitchenware and computer goods – by going to these little-known backdoor ‘tradesmen’ entrances…’invite- only’ auctions…and ‘need-cash-quick’ bankruptcy sales…

* A journalist’s trick to get your hands on free clothes, beer and iPods!

* How insiders save thousands of pounds a year on their mortgages – and how you can too

* 32 ‘hush-hush’ contacts for tapping into a GOLDMINE of overruns, samples, catalogue returns and end-of-line goods…

* Dozens of non-listed phone numbers…hidden ‘better-than-eBay’ online auctions…secret ‘e- vouchers’ that knock hundreds off prices…’invisible’ buy-at-wholesale websites not even Google can find.

If you’re into eBay or Amazon bookselling, or your looking for some high margin stuff to sell through an e-letter or website… this is for you:


Sell it on eBay. Sell it on your own site. Sell it on your street. Or just keep the stuff you buy.

A proven way to make cash

Think of it this way…

If you can find a source of low priced goods that people really want… and sell them those goods at a markup, you can’t FAIL to make money.

And if you work out how to buy an item low and sell it high – even just ONCE – you easily do it over and over again.

And if you can do it over and over again… you’ve got yourself a profitable part-time home business.

Isn’t that what you’re searching for?

This isn’t theoretical, new-fangled web marketing stuff. It’s the way people make money. It’s the way people have ALWAYS made money.

What you could get today

Check out this website and you’ll discover how to get 32 not-advertised sources for returns, excess stock and samples… over 20 ‘off- the-map’ online auction sites…and 40 sources of discounted stripped assets.

The information includes…

·       3 inside contacts for picking up the results of broken ‘Hire Purchase’ agreements.
·       Visit this ‘Office Equipment Orphanage’ and scoop up incredible repossession bargains
·       6 HIGHLY TOP SECRET methods for sniffing out retailers that are being forced to ‘realise’ their assets.
·       7 secret sources for closed, industry-only and ‘not-advertised’ auctions where amazing bargains go to a lucky few!
·       One specialist ‘make-cash-quick’ sales outlet that works for liquidators, receivers, banks and finance companies.
·       The ‘go-to’ source for recently repossessed property you could pick up for 10% to 25% less than market value!
·       Contact this London-based outfit and pick up hardly-used treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing machines – at 70% discount!
·       Score ‘by-the-pallet’ wholesale returns including computer accessories, mobile phones, office equipment and more.
·       Go to this ‘cancelled order’ specialist for cut-price Philips, Panasonic, Hitachi, Technics and JVC products…
·       5 ‘only for those in-the-know’ mail-order contacts who’re happy to sell you returned or surplus stock at a MASSIVE discount.

All the details of how to get this information is on this website.

This is an unashamedly old fashioned opportunity. Find goods on the cheap, sell them high… or buy cheap goods, keep them, and make your neighbours envious.

It’s a recession essential….

…Until the next “Boom” makes us all RICH of course!

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