Yet ANOTHER Amazon email scam…

Amazon Email Scam

Amazon Email ScamThese guys just can’t get enough. Only the other week I reported on their last email scam which involved a ‘cancelled order’ email.

This latest version ironically poses as a security announcement supposedly letting the user know that someone has tried to access their account from abroad. There’s a warning that if you don’t take action your account will be locked. Surprise surprise in order to fix they problem they ask you to click on the link provided and follow the instructions.

Here’s a screenshot of the email:

another-amazon-scamThere are a couple of things to note here.

The fact that the link appears to be go to Amazon’s UK site is very sneaky. However, hover over the link with your mouse (please note this won’t work on the above, as it’s just a screenshot) and you’ll see that the link points to somewhere quite different. The second tell tale sign is the from address which is, which is again somewhere completely different to

This is yet another example of a phishing scam. You know the drill with these by now, whatever you do don’t click the links or do anything but ignore or junk these. They are specifically set up to swipe your details and/or install malicious software on your computer which could then be used to steal even more details from your machine and even draft your computer into co-ordinated hacker attacks.

Delete, junk or ignore.



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