Bad news for Biz Opp sharks, good news for us

Every other day I get an email from a cocky ClickBank affiliate who can’t spell, telling me to “check out” this or that amazing opportunity.

An opportunity that’s going to make me £10,000 in the next 3 minutes… and make me better in bed. And give me a chiseled jaw.

I’ll get all this PLUS a private jet – if I don’t mind just filling in my details over here and frittering away my hard earned money.

Of course there are some half decent products on ClickBank, but unfortunately they’re often lost in a sea of rubbish… and sometimes downright lies.

It seems ClickBank have finally pulled their finger out.

You know those promos with the fancy videos and unbelievable claims?

The sleezy bloke standing outside a mansion wearing sunglasses, pretending to be a guru millionaire. He’s got a yacht bursting with bikini clad girls and promises to show you how to turn your computer into a magical ATM that burps out million dollar notes while you sleep.

Well this could all be changing, because ClickBank have just imposed new guidelines for sellers. Here’s a synopsis:

– Sellers can no longer fabricate stories to make their pitch. No more Oscar winning, rags-to-riches performances – unless they can be backed up.

– So-called ‘experts’ have to provide proof to back up their claims. For example a doctor endorsing a health product would have to provide proof that it had been tested.

Sellers are still allowed to use actors in their promotions playing customers, provided that “the video accurately describes the performance of a “bona fide” customer and is associated with a disclaimer.” Same with the product author. They can use an actor, but again they have to use a disclaimer.

Other interesting changes include: no more “false scarcity”. In other words they’re not allowed to imply there are only a few copies of a product left, or a limited time to buy, when there isn’t.

You can read all about it here.

Before we can breathe a collective sigh of relief it’s worth seeing how this pans out. This new set of rules sounds great, but they’ll be pretty hard to enforce and we’re yet to see how effectively ClickBank monitor the situation.

As ever it’ll pay to show the same due diligence and caution we’d show when looking at any potential Biz Opp.


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