How to use ‘news jacking’ to increase your web traffic and bring in ad revenue

how to use news jacking to increase web traffic

how to use news jacking to increase web trafficPlease note: If you missed part one of this article you can see it here.

Let’s say you have a website about travel. It could be a blog or a simple WordPress website – anything.

Just now I’ve just had a look on Digital Spy and one of the lead stories today is:

“George Michael hospitalised in Vienna, cancels Cardiff concerts”.

Let’s use this as an example of where you could do a bit of news jacking.

The trick is to quickly write and post an article that covers this topic. Make sure you get the right keywords in, like: “George Michael”… “Hospital”… “Vienna” “Cardiff Concert Cancelled”

Try and use these words and terms in the headline and make a brief mention of them in the first couple of paragraphs.

So let’s think about how we could tie this in with your travel site.

Here’s a quick example I’ve rustled up to give you an idea:


George Michael has cancelled his upcoming gig but here are 5 things to do in Cardiff this weekend instead

News has just broken that George Michael has been hospitalised in Vienna and will have to cancel his concert dates in Cardiff.

He’s said to be suffering from a mild viral infection but is well on the road to recovery.

Missing the gig? Don’t worry, here at Top Travel Tips we’ve been looking at 5 amazing things you could do on a short break to Cardiff instead…


Now at this point you could talk about the five attractions (it could be a trip to Cardiff Castle, an amusement park, a football game etc you get the idea. If you can get affiliate links for any of these attractions you could instantly start capitalising on this traffic. Likewise if you use Google adverts within your site (through their AdSense programme).

What’s great about this is that you could apply this strategy to almost any sector.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of how this works. There’s too much to cover here, so I’m thinking of making this into a more indepth free report for you – but I’ll gauge interest.

Let me know if you’d like me to do this by getting in touch at the usual address.

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6 responses to “How to use ‘news jacking’ to increase your web traffic and bring in ad revenue”

  1. Great post about jacking news items an using it for fresh content on your site.
    Could you also do it with Google Alerts too? Only thing is, would it be fresh enough to use or would Google not think to highly if you used it.

  2. Hi Kevin. Absolutely, that’s an excellent idea (especially if you set the Google Alerts to ‘as-it-happens’ in your settings). As long as you keep the content orginal – rather than copy and paste – Google shouldn’t penalise you.

  3. Really interesting and well explained article Tom . I would love it if you did write more along these lines

  4. Hey Tom, a little late to the party but wanted to say that this is a well written interesting article. It does present a lot of opportunities and I would certainly be interested in a more indepth report. I guess though that I will have to learn to be quicker in my writing if I don’t want to miss ‘what’s hot’.

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