13 extremely awkward advert placements…

Awkward Advert Placements

Awkward Advert PlacementsWhen advertising goes wrong! 13 real examples of shocking, embarrassing and funny ad blunders from newspapers, magazines, websites and billboards…

Adverts in magazines, newspapers and websites all interact (whether they like it or not) with the space they’re in…

So a travel agent will try and get their pitch for 5 star holidays in the travel section of the newspaper – it makes sense, it’s relevant to readers. A similar thing happens online but these days there are increasingly clever algorithms that scan and analyse text on a page and then display specific adverts according to the information it finds.

This is called ‘contextual advertising’ because it displays adverts within a website in context. Google uses it with great success using their AdSense platform. It’s why when you’re reading an article on, for example, ‘cameras’ you might find the page littered with sidebar adverts for lenses or tripods. The problem is sometimes the computer gets it wrong. It picks up the right words but in the wrong context and suddenly the advert on the page interacts with the content in a shocking, ridiculous or downright hilarious faux pas.

Here are 13 of the best examples I’ve found. Most of these are from websites but some are unfortunate bloopers from print media and elsewhere.

Put your cringe glasses on, here are some examples of where advert placement has gone horribly wrong…

Awkward Advert Placement 1
A jovial beer advert in a Reuters article about underage drinking…


Awkward Advert Placement 2
UPS appear to be pitching for body part delivery (see Yahoo headline)


Awkward Advert Placement 3
Unfortunate placement of the “aaaaaaaaahhhh” in this Marital Separation Ad


Awkward Advert Placement 4
ASDA inadvertently encourage wife battery…


Awkward Advert Placement 5
‘Grilling Advice’ above an article about a grisly murder…


Awkward Advert Placement 5
Take a look at the headline – the duck IS watching you


Awkward Advert Placement 6
Groupon’s ‘explosive’ advert appears insensitive


Awkward Advert Placement 7
Hair colour product makes light of tragedy…


Awkward Advert Placement 8
Extremely awkward placement of advert in article about child abuse


Awkward Advert Placement 9
Groupon offer an ‘all you can eat’ deal in an article about weight loss…


Awkward Advert Placement 10
Awkward ‘what is your IQ?’ advert slogan in a post about brain damage


Awkward Advert Placement 11
It can happen offline too! Moviestar appears to have it in for toddler


Awkward Advert Placement 13
It’s British ‘Gas’ and their unfortunate logo placement on Tom Daly’s posterior…

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  1. Hey Alan, it says a lot about the humour of the people authorising the ads, it’s pure comical genius, or am I just being juvenile?

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