Freebie Alert: Price Action Trading Equation – Julie Hatch


price-action-trading-julie-hatchIf you have any interest in trading I highly recommend taking a look at this. It’s getting some tremendous feedback from users and is available for the princely sum of zilch (which makes for a nice change).

A couple of readers have mentioned Price Action Trading Equation to me now so I thought it was about time it got a mention here.

You can see it here: Price Action Trading Equation

What is Price Action Trading exactly?

Good question…

Price action is literally how prices change – and is demonstrated by anything bought or sold in the market. Price Action Trading is about taking a more reactive, from the gut approach to trading – rather than staring at a bunch of complex charts and indicators.

You’ll find a more in-depth description on the website here – I’m afraid the tropical heat is scrambling my brain at the moment!

To give you an idea, Julie Hatch, the lady behind this, argues that trading techniques which involve too many ‘bells and whistles’ could ‘impede trading progress’. With Price Action Trading there are no lagging indicators and it’s about using nothing more than a clean price chart. It all sounds pretty intuitive to me.

Now I’ve had a look on the website and Julie has a very interesting and I believe smart approach to trading. I’d love to know what any trading savvy Insider’s Edgers think of this one because I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback about this. Please drop me a line by email if you’ve used this or leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Just so you know I can’t actually download emails yet here in Burma (don’t ask!) but if you drop me a line now I’ll be able to respond when I’m back in the UK.


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