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Published on April 28th, 2013 | by Tom Wake


Can you turn $10 into $59,000 by ‘Profit Clicking’?

Can you turn $10 into $59,000 by ‘Profit Clicking’? Tom Wake
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Profit Clicking promise that for a nominal $10 you can receive a significant return and there’s “no recruiting” involved. Some users report to have made and withdrawn thousands. I thought it was time to investigate…

A little while ago I got a note from an Insider’s Edge reader asking me to check out an online business opportunity called Profit Clicking.

It’s a catchy name and the website is extremely well put together. So what is Profit Clicking exactly – and how does it work?

Well, they bill themselves as a ‘traffic exchange’. They claim to provide users with impressions (which effectively means ‘clicks’ on a website).

The idea is that ordinary people like you and I buy money ‘traffic packages’ which can be used to promote websites. As well as “powerful advertising – you will also enjoy commissions on each package…”

These packages magically grow by 2% on weekdays and 1% on weekends up to 150%.

Profit Clicking Review

Why I have 3 great big problems with this business model

So you buy a ‘Traffic Package’ for $10, $40 or $120 and use it to *ahem* promote traffic to your blog or website *ahem*


*coughs up spleen*

Apart from a horrendous cough, here’s the problem I have with this…

1. Why on earth would an online traffic generation business need an army of outside investors with no experience in traffic generation to ‘invest’ in these packages?

2. Why would any business in their right mind seek to buy traffic from a business which no reputable marketer, advertiser or client has ever even heard of?

3. Why would we get commissions for buying this traffic? Where exactly is this commission coming from?

Profit Clicking’s explanation for that last point is that “Commissions will vary based on a variety of factors which assist in ensuring your earning health and the continued longevity of the Profit Clicking advertising programme.”

I find that about as reassuring as a wink and nod from the devil.

Now if all this is reminding you of ‘Banner’s Broker’ frankly I’m not surprised. When you cut out the slight variations in terminology it’s actually pretty similar – although in this case they tend to focus more on ‘Packages’ rather than ‘Panels’.

If coughing up my spleen just now wasn’t a strong enough hint at my contempt for this type of programme I’ll try to convey it in more direct terms.


In my opinion you’re better off throwing your money into a flaming inferno that’s simultaneously being sucked into by a black hole and catapulted into Narnia. It would certainly be more fun.

One of the cleverest (and most devious) features of these types of schemes is that they create the illusion that you’ve made money… without actually paying you any money

You invest your $10 in a scheme. You log into your account a week or two later and you find that your $10 has grown.

You try to withdraw this income, just to check whether the payment system’s working, but there’s a hitch. You can’t.

You’re reassured that’s it’s a blip, ‘a technical issue’ and to try again a different time. Oh well, “these things happen” you think, “I’ll just try later”.

The thing is, the next time you go to check your balance has increased even further. You’re now several hundred dollars up. It seems real and genuine because the website is telling you it’s real and genuine, right there in black and white.


Why withdraw now? Your income is snowballing, you’d be mad to pull out. There are tons of testimonials from grinning mums, pensioners and priests who swear blind that they’ve been paid no problem. So you hold off…

Right now they’re probably sipping Krug Champagne from a solid gold flute and playing marbles with 32 carot diamonds. That’s what they’re doing and pretty soon that will be you.

The next time you check your account is up to: $59,000 from your initial $10.

You try to withdraw. Computer says no…

Horse faeces.

Profit Clicking used to be a Ponzi scheme called ‘Just Been Paid’ until it was taken over…

‘Just Been Paid’ was much the same gig as Profit Clicking.

They claimed that if you bought $10 ‘Positions’ you could earn 2% a day and that your profits could ‘triple in a few months’.

What happened to ‘Just Been Paid’?

Well a few early adopters made a bit of money in the (very) early days.

Incidentally that’s why so many people fall for these schemes, because real people report making money to begin with. Like any Ponzi scheme (and that’s what it was, a Ponzi scheme’) if you’re the first onboard you can draw profits at the start. For many people that removes any doubt and they start recommending it to others.

The thing is even if you’re one of the ‘lucky ones’ you’re unwittingly profiting from someone else’s misfortune. Why? Because there’s no real, consumable service or product – just an endless chain of people being sucked in under false pretences.

Some of the money might filter down the chain to begin with but eventually the whole thing goes bust and implodes.

This implosion can be a slow process. The Ponzi will start to slow payments down and invent technical problems to buy themselves more time while they try and get new members on board.

They’ll also start blocking and cancelling accounts saying certain users had “broken the terms and conditions”. This buys them even more time.

In the case of ‘Just Been Paid’ they eventually reached a tipping point. They weren’t paying out to members anymore and something had to happen.

What happened is that they were bought up and become ‘Profit Clicking’…

The man heading up Profit Clicking recently spent 2 years in prison for promoting a pyramid scheme

The head honcho at Profit Clicking is a chap called Harvey Joseph Dockstader, JR.

He’s someone who’s been in a spot of bother in the past and was in prison from 2008 – 2010 for “promoting a pyramid promotional scheme” called ‘Elite Activity’.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. He claimed during his appeal that the Texas Business & Commerce Code §17.461, violated his First Amendment freedom of religion.

How so?

Apparently his work was inspired by God and the teachings of the bible.

Hmm, touching.

Now is it possible that Mr Dockstader served his time, paid his $10,000 fine and learnt his lesson?

Absolutely and I’ll be the first to give someone a second chance. However based on absolutely EVERYTHING I’ve seen, Profit Clicking is nothing more than a thinly veiled Ponzi.

On their website homepage they try to deftly dance around the ‘Ponzi Scheme’ issue by screaming on the homepage that there’s “No Recruiting”. They also clearly state throughout the site that you’re investing in this ridiculous traffic exchange charade.

Here’s what a number of Profit Clicking users had to say…

You don’t have to go far to find a flurry of comments from disgruntled Profit Clicking users. Here’s a small sample:

A: “My account over $10,000 cannot withdraw any cents had blocked. I do not know why? Any idea how to unblock?”

PK: “I am trying to withdraw since October last year… I have spent many hours of trying and nothing. Soon as the green light comes ON. system starts to freeze or it is already reached the daily maximum. 100% scam.”

HN: “… I’ve made over 30 different attempts to (at different times of the day) over the past 9 days to withdraw from my premium profits; and each time I try, this message pops up: “we have reached opening limit for this processor ………. please try another processor”. Meanwhile I’ve tried with four processors – payza, perfect money, egopay and Liberty reserve. Why does PC always reaching its opening limit when I attempt to withdraw from my premium account? Why is it so difficult to withdraw from both basic and premium system?”

RC: “just started out with the $10 and got to where I am at today, supposedly up t0 $59,000 but funny…I cannot get one penny out of the so called Bucket system! My lights are red 24/7. I finally quit checking, why bother.”

MH: “Profit clicking scammed me out of 1000 dollars … and if you say anything negative they will ban you and block your account.”

I think this lady sums things up rather nicely:

DB: “Really people you have to understand that any program where there isn’t any consumable product that people need everyday or month you are going to lose in the long run.. To really make money online you need to invest and put in your time working the business. Stop wasting your precious money on garbage opportunities that promise you the stars!”

In summary




Just No.

Not Recommended.

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