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Published on November 29th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Econsultancy

Econsultancy ReviewEconsultancy are a UK based company that produce free and premium content for digital marketers.

They’ve enjoyed a meteoric rise since launch and in 2012 they were bought by Centaur Media for 12m. They now have offices in London, Singapore, New York and Australia.

Before I get cracking with the review I’ll say right upfront that if you work in digital marketing, or if you’re interested in Internet Marketing, then I highly recommend getting on their free email list – ‘The Daily Pulse’.

Econsultancy produce some cracking reports and studies and put simply they’re a veritable goldmine of interesting stats for marketing geeks (like me).

The kind of topics you can expect to see covered include Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Design and Copywriting. The majority of their articles are insightful and well written and I’ve whiled away many an afternoon (when I should have been working on er… actual work) dribbling over some article highlighting the difference between website button colours and what they can do to conversion rates.

Is it worth going premium with Econsultancy?

If you’re buying single membership it costs a fairly eye watering £350 (approx) per year. To be fair Econsultancy are largely pitching to the businesses rather than individuals – so it’s not such an outrageous ask from that perspective. I’ve been a member in the past and aside from the premium reports (which you get as a member) I would say one of the main benefits is the access you get to some of the events and conferences.

I’m not a good person to review events and conferences (on the whole I despise them: I hate wearing suits, sitting in school chairs and making small talk with strangers), however the speakers I’ve heard from Econsultancy have always been very likeable and well informed. I’ve noticed a lot of networking going on during some of these events and the caliber of contacts you pick up from these gigs is high.

If you’re an individual who’s looking to learn more about digital marketing I would stick to the free ‘Daily Pulse’ eletter, which links you to all their top content from the website. There’s enough info and insight in there to keep the geekiest of marketers happy.

Highly Recommended.

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