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Published on September 29th, 2011 | by Tom Wake


Review: Lay Profit Alert – Kev Lane

Lay BettingUpdate: We’re looking at Kev Lane’s Lay Profit Alert again because it seems to have picked up momentum and is delivering some really consistent results.


After a slightly drab start – losing a bit of money one day, making a bit the next – Lay Profit Alert gained some momentum… only to lose it again.

So on the downside I’m currently down about £70…

On the upside, I’m not overly concerned. Lay Profit Alert from Kev Lane is a long running service with a good, solid long term track record. A quick glance at past results show that the service has suffered the occasional losing month, but has always recovered thanks to a progressive staking plan and strong selections.

All betting services will suffer the odd losing run – these are horses after all and don’t always do what’s expected of them. The key here will be the long term results.

With that in mind I’m going to keep testing this for a few months. The author has always purported it to be a slow burner and his updates have been thorough and well explained.

I’ve heard from some people who’ve had success from this… and others not quite so smitten with the approach, so I’m looking forward to getting some solid results one way or the other.

For the now I’ll give this a tentative ‘jury’s out’ status. I’ll continue to quietly monitor it and then get back to you in a few weeks with some solid results – good or bad.

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