Betting One On One Zero Hype Review

Published on August 16th, 2013 | by Tom Wake


One On One – Zero Hype Review

One On One – Zero Hype Review Tom Wake
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By Insider’s Edge Beta Tester, Dave

One On One has had a slow start, so far 11 bets, 10 settled, 2 winners, 8 losers and 1 in running.

By using the advised stakes my current bank would be minus €79, all the bets are delivered by mail with advised stake and bookmakers and give plenty of time to place the bet.

All the advised odds were obtainable. I don’t believe there is a staking system just Alex giving you the stake amount so this might be a benefit to first time bettors as you just follow the advice and off you go.

Alex did mention that he was on the back of a nine bet winning run before I started the trial so maybe it’s the beginner’s curse, time will tell. As to the Arbs there was one email with 3 advised and while all the prices given were correct, I personally don’t bother with them as the bankroll required to obtain a decent return is out of my league. The current bet in running is O’Sullivan/Trump over 29.5 frames at evens with PP stake of €25 current score 4-4, if they can keep that up it will make a nice dent in the loss so far.

One On One Zero Hype Review

Second Update:

One On One is still tipping away, still operating at a small loss but it has had some nice results lately in the darts where he said he is going to try for larger odds rather than the short odds ones.

I did not do the darts arb he suggested but did notice he did not include the draw (most 180’s) for the premier league semis/final. He later recognised his mistake and offered to pay out the difference if anybody did it and lost due to a dead heat. Luckily this did not occur and the arb odds were ok (because he did not factor the draw).

That was a quick 60 days and as it stands the bank is now minus 173. That is excluding the monthly subscription which is 20 pounds.

The only complaint but the most significant(!) is the results. The communication and advice details is top notch excluding a couple of errors which Alex offered to refund you if you had backed his advice and it did not win (1 Arb where he forgot the draw and a darts match at +16.5 legs) both bets came in, so no worries there.

I have to admit that currently I would be reluctant to subscribe to the service as to make any worthwhile profit you would require a large starting bank and large stakes to cover the  odds on doubles/trebles which Alex has started to favour over the last couple of weeks.

It seems like Alex is trying to find the best combinations to suit his selections and I hope he does as he comes across as a genuine guy.

Third and Final Update:

Alas the 3 months proofing of One On One has ended and to be brutally honest, sadly I don’t think it ever got started. The results speak for themselves and I’m afraid I would have to rate this as a failure – for now.

I have attached a basic graph of profit/loss over the number of bets:

one on one results
It’s a real shame because results apart, everything else about this service was top notch. There were easy to follow clear instructions with the recommended bookmakers to place bet with and I always obtained the same price as quoted in the emails.

Alex really came across as a good guy with a keen interest in sport and I really wanted him to do well.

I found that the selections sometimes resembled what I think an ordinary punter would select, ie: give someone a tennis coupon tell them to pick 5 winners, you are going to pick the short priced favourites every time and as we all know that does not work out (else we would all be rich).

Every tipster has bad runs but I believe the 3 months trial was a good screenshot of this service. While I would be surprised if it exceeded its current trend I very much hope it does.

Not Recommended

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