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Published on February 27th, 2013 | by Derek Kemp


Review: 1 Day Info Product – James Hughes

1 Day Info Product - James HughesReview by Derek Kemp.

1 Day Info Product from James Hughes is an ebook about how to ‘start building your information product empire’. In my opinion this might be taking it to extremes…

The price for 1 Day Info Product is a snip at $10, complete with 60-day money-back-guarantee, but with products like these I’m always left thinking that it’s just going to be a lot of rehashed information – unfortunately that seems to be the case here.

So what’s it about? The idea at least is that you’re told in a step-by-step fashion how to take existing information on a certain niche or series of niches and rewrite and refashion that information into an ebook that you can satisfactorily call your own. You can then sell that ebook (or series) from your own sales-page, or through affiliate links applicable to that niche.

I’m not sure who exactly would ever buy the kind of ebook this course shows you how to make (and why they would keep on doing so) and that was one of my major concerns with this. It felt a bit half hearted and wishy washy. I tend to buy ebooks that are absolutely focused on a micro-niche that I genuinely think would contain information I can’t get elsewhere.

I would argue that a well researched micro-focused niche has to be the result of a bona fide interest and passion, otherwise the reader will spot it immediately. Products like 1 Day Info Product encourage you to create ebooks about any and everything, in order to fulfil your quote of creating one ebook a day and building an empire.

Any positives to draw from this?

The 1 Day Info Product ebook is informative enough if you’re an absolute beginner and would like to know exactly how and where to start writing ebooks. I have seen worse variations on the ‘build an empire of ebooks’ theme. With that said I’d much rather see people creating fewer but better crafted ebooks, which I’m sure would sell infinitely better than many re-hashed and churned out ebooks.

1 Day Info Product is 46 pages long, and the ins and outs of ebook creation is laid out – there’s even a section on creating an info-video, and marketing and selling your product.

Despite being short it wasn’t actually that succinct though, and the pages are peppered with commonsense notions such as: to write an ebook you need a word processing programme.

Attention is given to sources of information that you can scour to create your ebooks – most of which are immediately apparent to some, but at least other less-apparent arenas of information collection are also suggested – such as actually interviewing an expert on your chosen theme and using the interview in the content.

I was disheartened to see that the author also places great emphasis on purchasing private label resale rights (which has inevitably gone round the houses more times than a postman on the verge of retiring). PLR stuff only goes so far as to accentuate my claim that you’re encouraged to create trashy ebooks.

There’s another section on ghost writers as well. I’m not sure that you’re going to be able to pay a ghost writer enough to write an ebook that has no guarantees that you’re ever going to sell it.

Selling ebooks is no easy task, especially if you’re creating the kind of mass-produced material that 1 Day Info Product is teaching you to create. ClickBank and affiliates are mentioned in the manual as platforms to sell your ebooks from, but then do you really need a manual to suggest these to you?

I for one, would much rather read something that has been written by someone who has a genuine interest in the subject matter, who has taken time and effort to create it, and who has not necessarily made it with the sole intention of selling it. 1 Day Info Product doesn’t share this Utopian ideal, so with regret, I cannot recommend it. With that said it’s by no means the worst product I’ve come across in this field and if you’re interested in a quick guide to ebook selling it might be worth considering.

You can try it for 60 days here

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