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Published on November 23rd, 2008 | by Tom Wake


Review: Accelerated Income System – Agora Lifestyles

by Charlie Wright

The headline of the website reads…

“It’s a 130 year-old method of making money that’s recently become available to everyday folks around the world. Here’s how you can get in on the action from anywhere you choose to live…”

I think the ‘where you choose to live’ spin on this comes from the fact it’s by the team at International Living.

This is a famous newsletter, published by Agora Lifestyles and based in Ireland. It shows you how to invest in property abroad, retire overseas, and so on and so forth.

It’s actually a well respected service, one that’s been going for many years. But in terms of this biz opp, well, it’s less about investing abroad than it is starting a basic home business.

Not that you’d know much else from the promotion. It doesn’t go into too many specifics.

Luckily one of my forum users has already got the109-page manual. He says it includes the following 9 sections.

* How to find profitable markets,
* Finding the right keywords,
* Selecting your product,
* Domain name registration and web hosting,
* Creating your website,
* Automated email response,
* Generating traffic,
* Affiliate marketing,
* Online auctions

So now you know!

What you’ll get is an educational manual that gives you an overall account of setting up an online business.

All the above elements are crucial in any online enterprise. So this could be great for a beginner who hasn’t dipped their toe in yet.

But from the sound of it, 109 pages doesn’t give much room for detail when you’re covering so many vast topics. For those of you who – like me – are longer in the tooth, you might be looking for something more specific and focussed.

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