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Published on November 23rd, 2008 | by Tom Wake


Review: The Affluent Desktop Currency Trader – Amin Sadak

by Charlie Wright

Amin Sadak’s manual, ‘The Affluent Desktop Currency Trader’ teaches you the basics of currency trading, as well as various buy and sell signals.

He claims you can earn £300-£600 every week in your spare time directly from your computer.

Personally, I wouldn’t focus on this element. With these manuals you’re learning the ropes from a master. You’re not following him in and out of every trade he makes.

Those kinds of products cost thousands of pounds a year.

The truth is, a good trader with experience and skills will make a lot more than a lesser trader, even though they know the same buy and sell signals.

Everyone’s experience is different. It depends on so many factors.

The most important thing about trading manuals like Sadak’s is whether they teach you skills you can use to make money.

In this case, the book is comprehensive and very well written. You also get a few bonues:

*** The Forex Resource CD, which provides further resources and information including a set of currency trading books written by various Forex authors.
*** Software and trading platforms on CD.
*** The opportunity to contact Amin via email and ask questions.

And that’s all for £49.95.


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