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Published on March 15th, 2013 | by Tom Wake


Review: Agora Insider – Agora Lifestyles

Agora Insider ReviewAgora Insider is the latest offering from Agora Lifestyles ltd – who are a UK subsidiary of Agora Publishing the US information publishers.

This new service takes over from the long standing Shortcut Bulletin eletter which ran for several years under Michael Graham and most recently Glenn Fisher.

Traditionally the Shortcut Bulletin covered tips and advice on a wide ranging topics from health to finance. Glenn has taken the editorial in a new direction and focused largely on business opportunities for consumers.

The name change from Shortcut Bulletin to ‘Agora Insider’ (I know, I know, it’s no relation to the intoxicatingly well-named Insider’s Edge) reflects this new direction and the content is now solely focussed on Agora products.

The ‘Insider’ (currently Glenn Fisher) acts as a roving contact within the Agora chain and promises to bring readers the latest information about current and upcoming Agora products. During launch they offered readers a free download which gave a run down of some of their products.

It’s early days but I’ve received the new Agora Insider email 3 times a week on average. The content is based on – as the name would suggest – Agora’s products. There are emails marketing Agora products, questions and answers about some of these products and some motivational emails.

Glenn has a punchy, conversational writing style and if you’re a fan of Agora Lifestyles products this will be a no-brainer. If you’re not familiar with this company they mainly focus on the following product niches: Forex Trading, Gambling, Internet Marketing.

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