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Published on March 26th, 2013 | by Tom Wake


Review: Amazon Training Academy (AMZ) – Gaz Cooper

Review: Amazon Training Academy (AMZ) – Gaz Cooper Tom Wake
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Would you like a cut of the £711 that’s made EVERY second on Amazon?

Review by Derek Kemp

It’s a good sign when the vendor of a product I’m thinking of buying from has a strong track-record and Gaz Cooper, the founder of AMZ Training Academy certainly delivers here.

The idea behind AMZ started out as a web community specifically geared towards helping a select few collaborate and help each other to become successful Amazon affiliates.

From this the Amazon Training Academy membership site was born and I have to say I’m really quite impressed. Essentially it’s a training facility that takes you by the hand and offers everything you need to make money online from Amazon.

As Gaz points out: “millions of people are going to buy [products on Amazon] each and every day whether it’s through us or not”.

The huge attraction of being an Amazon-affiliate resides in the fact that you can get paid for any sale from a visitor coming to Amazon through one of your sites.

Review Amazon Trading Academy

What kind of experience do you need and what’s involved?

Beginners and intermediates are aimed for with the Amazon Training Academy, but there is also something for experienced Internet marketers.

You learn through a series of step-by-step courses that demonstrate clearly how to set your affiliate websites up and then how to monetise them through earning commissions.

The membership site offers an active community and forum; in-depth WordPress training for building websites; full customer and technical support from Gaz and his team.

You also get an ‘Authority Site’ course which teaches you how to form expansive multi-product sites; a YouTube course to inform you of the benefits of video-marketing; a Facebook course that details the power of Facebook for selling Amazon products; a huge library of videos and PDF reports…

… and lastly (DEEP BREATH) free hosting and WordPress themes, optimized for selling on Amazon.

This is incredible, content-heavy stuff and none of it is fluff either. It also serves to tackle that one problem that often floors Internet Marketers: lagging motivation.

I get the feeling that Gaz really wants to nurture success and keep the momentum going, helping members along the learning curve at a quicker and more beneficial pace.

Is there a trial membership period on offer?

Yes. Currently you can get access to the AMZ Training Academy through their 7-day trial for just $4.95, which works out at about £3.25-ish.

You can get access to this here.

If you like what you see and reach the end of the 7-day trial with a thirst for more (you won’t exhaust it in this timeframe!) then monthly membership costs $37 (around £24).

Obviously, this mounts up, but I really think you’ll be overwhelmed with what you can access – I certainly was. If not, you can cancel anytime.

Payments are through ClickBank, so the usual guarantees apply.

Here’s what I liked about Amazon Training Academy:

– The website is full to bursting with relevant information. This is an incredible in-depth and well thought out package.

– The support via the wealth of materials and the forum is impressive. The free hosting and WordPress themes is a good bonus.

– I think it provides genuine value for money. Too often we’re given tatty little half-arsed manuals with little or no support by Internet Marketing wannabes. This is a refreshing change and it feels like they’ve tried to cover every base.

Here’s what I was less keen on…

– I occasionally thought that the layout/structure of AMZ Training Academy could be slightly more user-friendly.

It can be daunting when article after article are there to be read or watched – like you’re in a rabbit warren. I’m only really talking about the supportive and additional wealth of PDFs, videos and online content here. I found the courses themselves are the backbone of the product and are easy to navigate around.

In summary:

A big thumbs up.

The wealth of testimonials for AMZ can be authenticated in the forum, where many of the authors of the testimonials can be found. The forum is an invaluable tool and is active and Gaz is in there very frequently.

I find it refreshing to see a vendor refusing to put ridiculous earnings screenshots or bank-accounts scans on their sales-page. These sorts of marketing techniques really grate on me as they can be easily faked.

Gaz reportedly recently sold several of his own sites that were in the number one spot on Google to some of the AMZ Training Academy members. Those new owners are quick to confirm that Gaz knows what he is doing as far as Amazon is concerned.

Amazon is arguably the biggest selling platform in the world, and it’s still growing!

If you want a cut of the $1,084 (£711) every second that Amazon makes, then AMZ Training Academy is as finer place as any to learn exactly how to do this.

Highly Recommend:

You can get a trial space on AMZ Training Academy here

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