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Published on April 2nd, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Auto Betting Demon – Sean May

Auto Betting Demon Review - Sean MayWhat is Auto Betting Demon and does it live up to its claims?

Auto Betting Demon is a gambling product that has been flooding my, and no doubt your, email inbox recently thanks to it’s army of ClickBank affiliate cliques.

It’s never a great start, receiving unsolicited emails, especially when ‘demon’ features in the ‘from name’.

Anyway I’ll put that to one side for a moment, this could be down to hyperactive affiliates rather than the vendor. Let’s take a closer look at what Auto Betting Demon involves…

From the headline: “Veteran Betting Expert Siphons £23,538.53 from Betfair Using a Simple, 100% Automated Push-Button Software” you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s simply a case of pushing a giant button and waiting for money to ping into your betting account… while a friendly robot butler runs errands for you.

I would brace yourself to expect very much the opposite…

I’m afraid this is not a true ‘set and forget’ system. The Auto Betting Demon doesn’t make specific selections for you… or place bets for you… or do anything much at all that involves the word ‘auto’. The reality is far more dreary and you’re sent you on a long, winding (and really quite manual) selection process which in my experience yields pretty sparse betting opportunities.

Now to give the author some credit he has gone some way to automate the process of calculating of your stakes, but then there are dozens of staking calculators freely available online that will do that job for you.

I’m afraid I’m really not too impressed by this one. After the enormous number of emails I received from affiliates (and the glitzy sales copy) I was expecting a lot more.

Auto Betting Demon is created by Sean May and costs £37 (although if you try to click off the page you’re bombarded by a flurry of discount offers).

If you’re interested you can find out more details here: Auto Betting Demon

Not Recommended

I should note that Auto Betting Demon is not a ‘scam’. They don’t take your money and run… you do get a system and you can claim a refund on it from ClickBank if you don’t like it.

However I think that it fails to live up to its somewhat over-zealous marketing copy.

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