Betting Review: Beaumont's Bets - Paul Beaumont

Published on September 9th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Beaumont’s Bets – Paul Beaumont

Review: Beaumont’s Bets – Paul Beaumont Tom Wake
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Review: Beaumont's Bets - Paul Beaumont“Awesome day yesterday Paul, £2.5K up in 6 days”

One of our beta-testers has done a fantastic job reviewing this online betting service from Paul Beaumont called Beaumont’s Bets.

The results from last month were impressive to say the least and I’ll be uploading his full review for you on the website shortly.

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up about this because the service really is on fire at the moment. Here’s some of the feedback from members:

“Awesome day yesterday Paul, £2.5K up in 6 days, it takes my wife nearly 2 months to earn that which is why she is now a full time homemaker come gambling guru between 1030 and 1230.”
Many thanks”
P.M. 7/8/12

“Started with 806 Euro… 1675 Today. Big thx for that. greatest
tipster ever, im happy i found this…”
B.L. 20/8/12

“… my account is now looking very healthy around the £2000 mark from my original £100. It would be much more but i have had to take time out here and there in the last few months and have not advanced the stakes rigidly per hundred increase. (i am staking £15 at present).”
M.M. 31/7/2012

A couple of things worth mentioning…

1) You need to be at your computer between 10:30am and 12:30pm and it does require work during these times placing bets at different bookmakers. There’s no way round that I’m afraid. The service has a tremendous track record but you do need to follow the system and you do need to set aside time to do this.

2) You need to have accounts open at several different bookmakers. This is partly because you need to get the best possible odds on bets and partly because some members have actually had their accounts closed for making too much money (so you need a fall back). Incidentally if you’ve been using Bonus Bagging then you’ll already have these accounts open (and hopefully a nice betting bank set up already).

3) It can be quite time consuming going between the different bookmakers to get the best odds.

For reason number one especially, this won’t be right for everyone but I definitely recommend taking a look at this. It’s a must for serious betters.

Full details here:

Beaumont’s Bets

UPDATE: You can see our beta tester’s full in depth review here.

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