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Published on February 5th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Bedtime Trader – Kevin & Janet Greenhall

Bedtime Trader - Janet Greenhall ReviewBedtime Trader is the latest Forex trading strategy from Agora Lifestyles ltd. This one officially launched on the 23rd March 2012.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first. The cost of this is £247 (a part payment plan and an 8 week returns period is offered). When you sign up for the service you’re sent a hard copy manual in the post and updates once a week by email.

You can take a look at it here.

So what is it exactly?

Bedtime Trader is a teach-you-how-to-trade Forex spread betting strategy, rather than a tipping service. Trades are placed at night and it’s claimed that it’ll take you 15 minutes from start to finish.

The pair behind this are husband and wife team – Kevin Greenhall and Janet Greenhall.

Apparently Janet thought her husband was cheating on her when actually he was sneaking off downstairs to places trades on the computer. Can you imagine if he had actually been conducting an affair in the marital living room… for a brisk 15 minutes a night? BLIMEY. Anyway, I digress…

So when do you trade?

There’s a unique strand to Bedtime Trader and that is that you need to be at your computer fairly late at night to trade. You research and place your trades (if applicable) at 11 o’clock. Obviously this could be a boon for some and a no-no for others.

Why do you have to trade so late? This is the point when the markets in New York start heading for a ‘lull’ (and London is closed) and that’s what this strategy focuses on.

To get involved with this one you need to follow a checklist which is provided by the co-author Kevin Greenhall in order to try and identify a certain pattern. If the right criteria is met then you then set up a trade – and if not it’s a ‘no trade’ day. It’s claimed that placing trades take no longer than 15 minutes but I’m still waiting to find out whether it’s quite so ‘set and forget’ as this…

How much can you make from this?

I’m going to wait for some more feedback before passing judgement. It’s only been beta-tested for 6 weeks so I’d like to see a lot more track record in a live environment first.

The sales page paints some pretty bold pictures “£29,995 or more tax-free each year… The ‘permanent holiday’ lifestyle… The freedom from financial stress…”

We’ll see…

I’ll update you as soon as I have more information. Make sure you’re signed up to the free Insider’s Edge eZine for the latest news on this and other systems as they’re reviewed.

You can see more details about Bedtime Trader here.

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