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Published on May 30th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Bet2Win – Punter’s Pal

Bet2Win - Punter's Pal - ReviewThere’s been a quite a lot of noise about Bet2Win – the horse tipping service from brothers John and Matt Cutts. So what’s all the fuss about?

When I first chatted to John Cutts from Bet2Win a few months ago on Skype I didn’t know quite what to make of his service.

Actually let me rephrase that. I didn’t know quite what to make of their marketing material.

I mean there were no outrageous claims, no promise of instant riches or day job killing profits. Most confusingly at all I couldn’t work out how to sign up (there’s good reason for that as you’ll see in just a moment). What I did find was a huge wave of positive feedback about his service – the likes of which I’ve rarely come across.

Here are a few of the testimonials that have come in for this one:

“I’d like someone to wake me up!!! Because this just must be a dream. Never ever ever has anyone tipped up 6 out of 10 winners to me before. Just wish I had joined up on Thursday…”

“Brilliant, amazing, fantastic! I am running out of superlatives. Even my wife is getting excited!”

“This is the best service I have ever subscribed to…”

It made me more determined than ever to find out more about this elusive service. Why is it so hard to sign up… and what’s the background to these two tipsters?

The conversation I then had with John Cutts was fascinating. This was no ordinary tipster. He hadn’t grown up in and around racing, he wasn’t a financial trader turned gambler and he most certainly wasn’t an Internet Marketer.

Canonbury Publishing had started hearing good things about Bet2Win from subscribers and Heloise Laight (who is the joint publisher at Canonbury) and I got together and took it upon ourselves to have a chat with the guys behind this to see whether the incredible reports we’d come across were founded.

I think we spent a good hour and half chatting to John Cutts over Skype and we left the conversation feeling really quite excited. But as ever, the proof would be in the pudding, so we got one of our best, most thorough Beta Testers on the case to put it through it’s paces. He was given access not just to Bet2Win but to all their premium services. Why? Because Bet2Win experienced a bad run previously and wanted to give all their member’s something extra to compensate. How’s that for customer service?

Here’s what he had to say:

“I started out being sceptical as to the claims of this service, possibly as a result of having been let down so many times by others in the past. It transpires my concerns were unfounded. The service is unlike most others in that its main strengths lie in its honesty, profitability, and reliability.

The selections are usually sent out the evening before the following day’s racing (a big plus for me) which allows you to plan ahead for the early prices. Being system based the number of selections can vary from one to fifteen or so, and will no doubt increase as more summer evening racing gets going…

Although there were losing days, and we all have those, using all the systems combined resulted in no significant losing runs, so the betting bank was kept turning over with an overall ROI with BOG prices of 15%+. Consistent? 68% won or ran into a place.

Subscription to this service should be viewed as a long term proposition. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but stick with it and, from my experience, I’m confident it will deliver.

… I liked it a lot and will be continuing with it myself.”
Dave, Beta Tester

Not bad! It’s refreshing to hear about service that continually striving to provide great tips for its members. Now unfortunately this is not the easiest service to get membership on as spaces can be quite elusive. If the link below doesn’t work it’ll be because they’ve had to shut the doors on new members. These two are extremely strict on how many members they have onboard at any one time (as it affects liquidity in the racing markets).

We’re continuing to trial this one but for now this has to get a big thumbs up.


If there are still spaces available on this you can secure trial membership here:

Bet2Win – Punter’s Pal

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