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Published on March 19th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Bonus Bagging – Mike Cruickshank

Review: Bonus Bagging – Mike Cruickshank Tom Wake
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It 100% Works!

Can you really make ‘guaranteed’ risk-free profits from Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging service?

I’ve had a lot of readers asking me about Bonus Bagging, wanting to know if it’s any good and I can see why…

It presents us with a seemingly irresistible proposition. Risk-free bets, guaranteed profits and no experience needed – all of which sound delightful.

Mike estimates that you can make £500 a month from this.

So what’s the low down?

Well the premise is simple. Bonus Bagging shows you how to claim as many of the free online bookmaker bonuses as you possibly can. That’s the first step, the second step is that it shows you how to ‘release’ this cash by placing certain bets that enable you to walk away with this money scot free.

Before I go into more detail, the first thing I should say is that this does work – there is no question of that whatsoever. I was already signed up to a number of online bookmakers before purchasing Bonus Bagging for this review but you get pointed to more than 40. There were plenty I hadn’t used before (or in some cases even heard of!) and I’ve already made back more than double the cost of the course in just a couple of days.

For that reason alone I think it’s fair to say that it’s is well worth the modest asking price. In hindsight I wish I’d looked into this one earlier actually because it really is foolproof. The bookies offer all this free cash and this is by far and away the best shortcut I’ve come across for claiming it.

The big question is this: does Bonus Bagging charge a fee for something that you could uncover yourself?

Well yes and no. You could find out where all the online bookmaker bonuses are for yourself with a bit of digging. It would take time but you could do it. But for me the real nub of it for me is explained in their blurb:

bonus bagging - mike cruickshank

Mike makes it a foolproof step-by-step process

“… you’re paying for our time to work out bets and stay in personal contact… you’ll also receive frequent emails about the latest reload and refund offers – straight to your inbox. Of course you’ll be given instructions and methods to cash these offers out risk free as well.”

And I have to say Mike Cruickshank, the guy behind Bonus Bagging, really does deliver on this front. Yes, if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands to trawl the Internet for the free offers and various ‘reload deals’ (this is when bookmakers that you already have an account with offer up more free money bets or promotions) then you could save yourself the best part of £30 and find this information yourself.

However a lot of us don’t have the time to do all this grunt work and to be honest trying to work out which bets to place is extremely fiddly and time consuming.

This service takes a unique free money arbitrage opportunity and very effectively connects all the dots for you. So instead of having to research where all the free bonuses currently are – and then how to bet in such a way that you can secure a guaranteed profit – he does it for you.

This really does work and I’m glad to be proved wrong on this occasion

I wrongly assumed that this was going to be a service that simply charged subscribers for old rope. However, Bonus Bagging has completely won me over because it does something few in this industry succeed in doing right – it works and more than that it overdelivers. Mike’s support is nothing short of excellent and the service makes money – so it’s a no brainer for me. Considering the asking price is just £27 I really can’t find fault with this – it would easily be worth that fee at double or triple the cost.

You get a 60 day unconditional guarantee and because this is delivered via ClickBank the guarantee is watertight. With that said I really can’t imagine anyone wanting to claim a refund – it more than pays for itself within the first couple of days and I made £438 in my first month on this (tax free). Very impressed.

Highly Recommended.

You can get a risk free trial on Bonus Bagging here.

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85 Responses to Review: Bonus Bagging – Mike Cruickshank

  1. Pete says:

    Hi Tom,

    Just to say (you probably already know this, but it never does any harm) that I am a user of Bonus Bagging & Mike is an absolutely top class, grade 1, triple A* guy.

    The system he works you through pays off a treat. He gets back to you on any questions with a great turn around speed, plus he’s friendly, polite, helpful, & clear in his explanations. Absolutely recommended.

    He reckons all the bookies hate him, & it’s easy to see why!

    …and finally, no, I’m not related! Never met him, but I’ll buy him a drink if I ever do!

    And you can pass on all of the above to anyone.

    Have a good weekend, & keep the info coming.


  2. Pete says:

    … sorry, I forgot to say that this has made me £380 so far, from nothing, in just a few weeks. Had I put more time in, it would have been a lot quicker. Also, it would have been a lot more, but for 2 reasons…
    (A) I did a couple of stupid things without checking – the instructions were clear, I was just careless
    (B) I already had some bookie accounts open, so couldn’t qualify for some bonuses.
    If any body out there is thinking about this system, the one thing I do say is, DO NOT open another bookie account until you have signed up for this – it really is free money!

    • wendy mann says:

      Hello just got this and have not managed to put a bet on yet.

      Is this real as easy as it they saye?

      Who is it me being abit think?

      Can someone help me and explane?Wendy

      • Tom Wake says:

        Hi Wendy. Sorry if it sounds obvious but have you been through all the instructions yet? I’m not sure where you’re getting stuck. I definitely recommend getting in touch with Mike if you’re having any problems placing your first bet. He’s very quick to respond to queries.

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  4. Sinead says:

    I’d just like to say that this is one of the few services that actually does what it promises. Mike’s a great guy to deal with even for so called ‘newbies’ like me.

  5. JohnS says:

    Just to echo what some of the other commenters have said, this is a top class service. I have no hesitation in recommending it to others thinking of taking the ‘dive’. I easily cleaered £100 in my first week which more than paid for the course 3 times over and just getting started. Nice to find something that actually works!

  6. Shane Allen says:

    I’m still deciding on whether to purchase this method, however, when you visit the site and attempt to leave you get the ‘classic’ limited offer pop-up, that always expires the day after the current date. Could someone comment on this. Thank you….

    • Sinead says:

      Shane I bought it using the trial pop up and it went through fine. It’s done through clickBank so your money’s safe and you’re covered by their refund policy.

  7. Ewan says:

    I can’t believe this actually works!

    I have made £280 in 10 days with another £37 coming after the footy tomorrow what ever the final score is!

    Doesn’t get any better than that 🙂

  8. Pat says:

    Hi, I am a bit skeptical because it says: “For our current price of £27 you’ll get (until Friday, May 11th, 2012 ):” but there is a 60-day money back guarantee and that date is in 2 days, does this mean that the service will cut off after May 11th? That would suck if I bought the package and then it stopped working after 2 days…

  9. joao says:

    test (I am so sorry)

  10. Steve Berry says:

    I have bought quite a few systems over the past few years and I can honestly say that this is the best ever.
    I have made money each time I’ve applied this (it is impossible not to if you follow the clear instructions in the emails!)
    Also I must reiterate what Pete says in a comment above – do not open any more bookie accounts before you get this NO LOSE system. (Ok you may be able to get round some of the bookies T & Cs if you’ve already got an account – I did with 2 of them 🙂 – but there are dozens of bookies and I got more back in the first week than what I paid for this fantastic system! So every bet/offer I take up now is profit, profit and more profit!!)
    Seriously I cannot praise Mike and his system enough. His reply to requests is very fast so you should have no problem getting your odds matched and even if you are a bit slow responding to his email message he has you covered.
    This is my first time that I have ever left a testimonial/review for anything but because I am so pleased to have found this guaranteed money-making system I just felt that I had to say something.
    I hope this helps anyone sitting on the fence or who’s been ripped off in the past and is therefore anxious about parting with their money. (I understand as I’ve been there many times!)
    However, this is a genuine system that ‘does what it says on the tin’. So do yourself a favour and get this. I promise you will not be disappointed.
    Also I must point out that I do not know Mike, have never met him, and have not been coerced into leaving this comment.

  11. graham carradus says:

    i have been a member of bonus bagging for just under a month and i have to say it is the best and most enjoyable system/service i have ever used.I cant tell you how nice it is watching a football match know that no matter what happens i am going to profit 15-40 am actually writing this as I want to make people aware of how much i made last night using one of Mikes casino offers and the system to use to get the bonus,I stay away from these offers as there is a small risk how ever the casino in question you only needed to deposit 1 pound to get a bonus,now after about 3 hours i cashed out 150 pounds to my bank account.I honestly could not believe it.I was up to 179 but i was actually enjoying playing the game so much i carried on and ended 150 pound.I emailed Mike as i was so happy and he made me aware of another great casino off.I know what ill be doing to night.cant thank Mike enough he really is a top guy

  12. Pat C. says:

    Hi Mike,

    What a great service you provide !!

    My wife and I have followed your instructions over the last 18 days and find ourselves £660 in profit !!

    Certainly beats working for a living.

    Many sincere thanks for all your help.

  13. David says:

    I have been using the service for a few weeks now and can confirm you will make money without any risk.

    Mike has the system off to a fine art and just to be able to press a couple of buttons and receive the betting information to place is so easy.

    Anyone could benefit from this system as you are given clear instructions what to do.

    Mike also is very prompt at answering questions and delivering the emails providing a great level of service.

    I would thoroughly recommend this product, I’ve invested in a few over the years and this is the first one I can say is guaranteed to make money. You will make your product fee layout back within the first two bets.

  14. IC says:

    What can I say? This worked for me, made me well over £250 in just a couple of weeks, and now I’ve been able to book a nice little trip to Berlin with my girlfriend.

    The level of automation and clever programming is stunning – a real masterpiece of techy brilliance, with a really easy-to-use front end. And if you ever get confused, Mike’s on hand to offer a prompt and helpful response. This was especially useful for me, a betting novice/idiot, when I couldn’t properly navigate the William Hill site!

    Love it.

  15. Wesley says:

    This is working big time! I’m nearly up £250 and its not even two weeks yet.
    The service is second to none. Quick responses puts your mind at ease. This is extreme value!

    Thanks Mike.

  16. Clive Blakeway says:

    This is the best system i have been involved with bar none and the only one that i have actually made money from. The support is second to none. Mike responded quickly to every question with a detailed explanation to all my queries and believe me i did email a lot initially, as i am a bit of a novice as far as betting is concerned. With Mike’s help, it soon all became clear though. Anyone with just a little experience of placing bets would have no problems whatsoever. I am over £400 up after 3 weeks and there are still opportunities for me to make more, it’s fantastic to place bets/lays knowing that you’re guaranteed to win. I will probably sign up for the arbitrage software soon also which will make me small regular profits. I cannot recommend this enough, be in no doubt as you just can’t lose with this one. I just wish there were more genuine opportunities out there like this one and more genuine, helpful people like Mike.

  17. Ian G says:

    To all those skeptics out there, or those who are risk averse, let me tell you I am all of those things, but even worse, I HAD NEVER PLACED A SINGLE BET IN MY LIFE….I do not follow football either.

    I signed up..obviously very cautious…it took me a few bets to really get a handle on this..Mike is there all the way, every question no matter how apparently stupid it might be or simply to confirm you are doing everything right.

    Mikes support goes beyond the basics, he is there day & night and well worth every single penny of the £27.

    JUST DO IT…DON’T HESITATE….THIS IS FREE MONEY…you could not get this scale of return from any savings account you may have. this is truly risk free.

    Thats it now….no more convincing required


  18. Dave S says:

    I can’t speak highly enough about Mike’s Bonus Bagging service. As somebody with a large amount of bookie accounts, initially I wasn’t able to make use of the service quite as much as some will be able to but still made a tidy profit.

    However, Mike then made me aware of a Spread Bets offer and despite not being able to take advantage of the Spreadex offer as I already had an account I was still able to make just shy of 500 quid. Thank goodness I had the account already with Spreadex and not Sporting Index!! Without doubt the best offer I have ever seen.

    Mike’s customer service is second to none and I’m almost a bit embarrassed that I have only paid 27 quid to be honest! In my opinion he could charge far, far more so get signed up before he comes to his senses!!

    PS. I’m not on commission by the way !

  19. Stuart says:

    I have bought a number of products in the past similar in nature to this one and found in by far the majority of cases that the marketing projections and the actual product results differed enormously. Bonus bagging however proved to be better than the promises made in that not only did it produce good results but it was so painless. Mike’s support is exceptional. His responses are quick with all the necessary information to complete the transaction quick and effectively. I also appreciated his patience when I was at a loss on occasions because the bookie had not credited a free bet or I couldn’t find a particular bet on a site. There is a saying about going the extra mile and Mike certainly does and then some!

  20. Peter H says:

    I cannot recommend this service highly enough! Mike is extremely helpful and tells you exactly what to do. It doesn’t require any betting knowledge at all. I have made over £600 net from Euro 2012 using Mike’s service. If I can do it, anyone can!.
    All I can say is get on this before the price goes up – you will not be disappointed.
    I have tried other betting/tipster sites before, and none of them comes close.
    (No I am not related to Mike in anyway…….)
    Thanks again Mike, and keep up the good work.

  21. norman freegard says:

    “These things never work and the only person to earn any money from it are the people who set them up”. Well so I thought but I am so wrong, this really works
    I have followed Mikes instructions to the letter and have made all the money he said I would, today I have just gained £194.16 from a trade following the excellent instructions supplied. I cannot praise this opportunity enough, if you email Mike he comes back quickly with a response, Grab this while you can…… Thanks Mike

  22. Dan says:

    Hi there, I am excited by everyones comments but have a couple of questions for those already using it. How are so many people able to get away with taking the free bonuses? And what is the limit? Are there seriously enough online bookies to use for everyone, month after month? What if they catch on and stop this from happening? Hope u guys can answer my questions… Im still excited though!

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Dan, good questions! There’s no limit as to how many free bonuses you can bag (as there are lots of ‘reload’ offers which Mike tells you about after you’ve been through all the bookmakers). That said, you’ll find that most of lucrative ones are in your first couple of months. Sophie (my better half) is now up nearly £700 from Bonus Bagging and she started in June.

      How do we get away with it? The bookies make an ENORMOUS amount of money doing their free bet promotions (which is why they keep doing them). Obviously they don’t like people like us using this loophole to grab the free money, and they do know that it happens, but there’s nothing they can do about it. Firstly, they have no idea whether a new person signing up is someone who’s going to go on and spend thousands of pounds on their site (which is what they hope!) or a bonus bagger. Secondly they’re bound by their own promotional terms and conditions follow the rules and they have to pay out.

      Hope that helps!

  23. Dan says:

    That’s great, thanks for answering those questions… I just have a couple more if that’s OK? I know for the low price your probably thinking why doesn’t he just try and see? I’m just want to make sure this is the real deal before doing it as there are so many recession beating scams these days, and desperate people are getting ripped off left and right.. How labor intensive is this system would you say to pull off £500 a month? And would more be achievable? I have no accounts with any bookies what so ever… Plus are these all based in the UK? Or are they spread internationally… what I’m getting at is, are there bookies to use in Australia, Canada or say New Zealand as well? Obviously, I have a day job and a family to feed so the time factor is an issue… Also, do u know if a family member with the same last name can also take advantage if this through the same bookies? Because if this works, I’d like to let them in on it as well… Thanks once again, and sorry for all the questions! 😉

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Dan. My experience and the experience of many others who’ve done Bonus Bagging is that you should fairly easily be able to clear £500 in your first month from this. It doesn’t take very long as Mike sends through two bets each time – and then you request another one when you’re done. It takes maybe 5 minutes a time I guess (you also have to set up some of the accounts obviously, but this is quick).

      I think the bookies we’ve used so far have all been English but I could be wrong!

      Family members can take advantage of this if they live at a different address/have different bank cards etc – as far as I’m aware bookmakers limit households & bank cards rather than surnames. I’m going to get my mum onto it soon.

      Not to dampen how effective this is (because as far as I’m concerned it really is a no brainer) but I wouldn’t see BB as a job that’s going to bring in £500 every month. It’s brilliant for getting that initial chunk of free cash but the reload offers are less frequent and can take longer. With that said this really is a cracking, well run service and even if you decide to do it for say just a few months it’s well worth doing.

  24. Frank says:

    I’ve tried many ” money making ” systems in the past , but Mike’s Bonus – Bagging is truly remarkable ,does exactly what he promises, and yet easily the cheapest! I’ve made over £200 very quickly over the past few weeks , and following his guidance on Sports Spread Betting ,I’ve just had more than £300 profit transferred into my Bank Account from a couple of Sports Spread betting companies .
    He’s always available at the end of an e-mail, and has answered all of my queries ( I was a novice at betting — how I wish I had come across Bonus – Bragging earlier ! )
    I thoroughly recommend Mike’s Bonus-Bagging , it’s all profit and no losses !

  25. John says:

    Took me a week to make up my mind as I am an old guy hope to top up my low pension, assuming this was another rip off and waste my money.
    but joined, and wish I kicked myself,
    Mike is a great guy, always helpful and replies back very quickly, nothing is too small for him to help.
    and guess what in a matter of days I won a couple of hundred, and my mebership is not even a week old yet.
    just one thing Brilliant guy and service.

  26. jazzyman says:

    Not for all countries. Check terms of bookmaker sites for countries allowed play/bonus. I’m from Holland and not eligible to bet and or receive bonuses on most websites used by Bonus Bagging 🙁

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Jazzyman, sorry to hear that. Obviously this is UK based, so the bonuses will be geared to the UK market. As you say if you’re using it from abroad is worth checking eligability!

  27. Karin says:

    Being from Germany, how can I find out if I’m eligible to receive bonuses from the websites used by Bonus Bagging before signing up?

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Karin, Bonus Bagging works best in the UK & Ireland and can also be used quite well in Australia. However it’s definitely worth checking with Mike (his email is at the bottom of his sales page) about Germany.

  28. JTT says:

    Is this working in Finland?

  29. Michelle says:

    I have to say Thank You first of all for producing such a great product. It certainly is good value for money, I also think that 27 pounds is a conservative price for an astounding product and i am pleasantly surprised this works 🙂

    I only used sports betting accounts to acquire free bets, I was skeptical about casino offers so never bothered but after reading the previous comments I think I will give it a go.

    After 3 weeks I made around 300 quid. I would have had more but I made a few mistakes along the way(no fault of Mike) which result in a loss. I learned from them and became much quicker and efficient at placing bets.

    Mikes customer service is second to none. I remember the first few bets he recommended in each email was instructions on which bets to place, at which book maker, at what time… After each E-mail he would ask “how did it go?”!!! He actually wanted to know how I was getting, he is such a genuine guy. Even now, I receive emails from him about other offers from book makers I’m already registered with.
    The potential of making more money is high.

    I recommend this product to anyone. Whether you’ve never placed a bet or experienced.

  30. Ettienne le Roux says:

    Being from South Africa, how can I find out if I’m eligible to receive bonuses from the websites used by Bonus Bagging before signing up?

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Ettienne, are you able to use Betfair in SA? Maybe drop Mike a quick line to find out about the others – his contact email is at the bottom of his promotion.

  31. Chris says:


    I am now into my second week and can confirm that this works a treat!

    Mike’s customer service is prompt and he is very patient, being a newbie to this industry I have asked some dumb questions and every time he has come back with a polite response.

    I haven’t seen the spread betting yet – I would love to see how that works.

    I also am looking at this for serious income further down the line – any system recommendations would be appreciated

    I whole heartedly recommend this system!

  32. Netuddki says:

    Cool story bro…
    Trying to sell a scam after you presented yourself as a “scam hunter”… very convinving.

    • Tom Wake says:

      Netuddki, I’m sorry you feel that way. I would never recommend a scam to readers. I’ve personally tested and profited from Bonus Bagging as has my partner Sophie (whose review you can also see on this site). Most importantly of all so have a huge number of Insider’s Edge readers, some of whom’s comments you can see on this page.

  33. Damon Knee says:

    Can you tell me what sort of starting bank you need please? I understand it’s £27 to join but how much do you need to sign up to the various gambling sites? I’m not even a novice gambler and I have very little to no spare income but an extra £500 sounds great!

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Damon, you need roughly £100 to start off with (to cover bets in Betfair etc) but this is money you get back and is never at risk as long as you follow Mike’s simple instructions.

  34. David says:

    My flabber was gasted when i read the comments from Netuddki, why say something like that before checking bonus bagging out.
    This system of betting has been going on for years, the only reason i never took it up before was because of the research needed to find the bets, it was very time consuming to say the least
    Bonus bagging give all the info to you on a plate
    If you find it difficult just take your time to learn , don’t worry the bets are’nt going away any time soon
    This is foolproof, i know because i do it with bonus bagging

    Happy bagging !

  35. craig says:

    Hi Tom,

    just wondering,

    after the first month if the profits continue in the same way and are regular after you have signed up to all of the bookies?


    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Craig, I found the first 3 months to be the most profitable – depending on how quick you go – as you run through the initial signups. There’s definitely still money to be made ongoing but not at quite the same heady rate and they can take a little longer to accumulate. A lot of people stop after making £1,000 – £2,000 but certainly you can make a decent amount from the ‘reload’ offers which are ongoing.

  36. Gerry says:

    Hey Tom,
    I’ve read all of the above messages and it sounds great but i am very skeptical of these money for nothing opportunities. I’ve noticed that there are no more responses since January, is this still ongoing? Is Mike still e-mailing people to this day with winning formulas? or have i missed the boat to financial freedom? And what is the minimum amount you have to place a bet with to get a free bet?

    Also 1 more point, can you use existing betting accounts to earn extra cash? when e.g.I have an account with sky bet and they offer promotions with free bets? Or is it just pure and simple, when opening new accounts?

    Appreciate the time for you replying!

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Gerry,

      Thanks for your comment – and I understand your skepticism. Bonus Bagging is absolutely still going – in fact my partner, Sophie, has just started using it again so I can confirm that 100%. It’s a fantastic system Gerry, but just to temper your expectations I wouldn’t say it’s the road to financial freedom. I see it as a great way to make a bit of extra cash to pay for a holiday or to help save up for a car.

      Minimum bets entirely depend on the bookmaker. It varies but Mike tells you each time what you need to put on – it could be £10, or £100. After you’ve built up a bit of bank you use your winnings anyway so you’re not having to stump up money from your own pocket. While you can start with less you’re best off starting out initially with £100 to deposit. You quickly get this back.

      Re: Existing accounts. When you sign up Mike includes a form where you can click to show which Bookmakers you’ve already used. He’ll then tailor it so that you sign up for all the new offers first (which is where the most money is usually) and then after you’ve got through all of those you can start getting onto the ‘reload’ offers which is where you take advantage of the free bets which existing betting accounts offer.

      Hope this helps.

      • gerry says:

        Hi Tom,
        can you use your own money on a particular bet? why does it have to be free bets? I only ask because if it’s a sure thing then why not use your own cash if you have run out of free bets?

        • Tom Wake says:

          Hi Gerry, because you’re effectively placing the same bet twice. Once with the free bet from the bookmaker and once elsewhere to cover that bet so that you win whatever happens. Without the free bet you would simply be gambling (and it wouldn’t be a sure thing). It would be unfair of me to give away the workings of Mike’s system he but suffice to say you do need the free bets. He takes you through the steps!

        • gary says:

          you will run out of free bets after three to four weeks. you then have to rely on other offers from time to time or pay more money to buy his other is not make money forever.
          I personally lost money I also found the software to be incorrect with the amounts you would win many times. check and double check everything. if you have a small bank don’t expect 500 in a month it is not possible as some of the bets you get need large amounts of cash to cover them.
          I do not know what the service was like in its infancy but now its not to hot in my opinion.
          if you ask the right questions your ok.
          for newbies it can be difficult to know you are making the right bets I personally found links to betting exchanges are good, but the bookies links were wrong most of the time and you had to find your own way to them. they use the same links as betfair and betdaq in the bookies links and their menus systems are not the same. newbies will not understand this like a seasoned gambler would.i managed but it took time to do and I had to spend time checking I had the right match over and over before placing. now you also have two exchanges to fund as betdaq has been added. you will need to withdraw to your bank and this takes 3-5 days which slows down your betting time. with a small bank it is difficult I would say 600-1000 pound is a better starting bank if you want to make full use of the offers available then you can make money.

          • Tom Wake says:

            Hi Gary, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you’ve had some frustrations. I think it’s a good point that you should always double check when you’re placing a bet. The only way you can lose money with Bonus Bagging is literally by betting on the wrong thing (e.g. betting instead of laying or betting on a different market etc).

            The software can be slightly out sometimes if the odds change before you take a bet – which will happen from time to time as they’re live markets. You just need to put the ammended odds in when this happens (there’s a link to do this). Personally I can’t see any benefit in having such a large start bank and I know lots of people who’ve started out with £100 – you just need to bank your profits and bet with the winnings each time. I don’t know if you saw them but Mike’s started posting videos which I find really helpful.

  37. Gerry says:

    Hi Tom, I know I’m turning out to be a pest. Just wondering how many bets have to be placed on the one betting website before you can withdraw your funds? Do you have to keep putting in your own money to reach the desired number of bets in order to withdraw?

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Gerry,

      No worries. Again it completely depends on the bookmaker and the bonus deal. It might be just the one, or it might be 3 or more. Each have different rules. If you send me an email to tom@ (this website) I’ll pass on Mike’s details if you’d like? (he runs the service).

  38. Richard says:

    A couple of points that may help
    1. You CAN take advantage of the method from abroad – including some mentioned above. You will need a UK based betfair account and VPN – it works, I do it.
    2. There are some newbies here – I would not start until I fully understood laying with Betfair.
    3. £100 is not enough to benefit to the full. The higher the odds the higher the potential profit – that’s the maths involved, not the odds themselves. Recently I took a Victor £50 free bet – went for a horse at odds of 7.0 bookie, 7.2 to lay which required £360 in Betfair to cover the lay side of the bet.
    4. I’ve been taking bookie bonuses for years – still subscribed to Mike – he does the hard work, takes you through each offer with the exact bets to place, and provides a very good bet/lay calculator.
    5. Do NOT use Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) – that invalidates many bonuses
    6.You do not need to keep all bookie accounts funded – just open. Only deposit as you need to then withdraw.
    7. Most of Mikes bonus baggers are bet & go – you can take the bonus immediately. There are others – Bet365 & PP each £250 currently for new account holders, which require a turnover of stake/bonus before withdrawal.

    I strongly recommend BonusBaggers for a start – once you know what you are doing there are other offers out there.

    I have absolutely no association or affiliation with this site or Mike – anyone who suggests I do, can go away & multiply – your loss.

    Good Luck

    • Tom Wake says:

      Thanks Richard, some really helpful notes here, especially re: the VPNs and Moneybookers. I might add one or two of these to the Bonus Bagging tips page:

    • Rui Feliciano says:

      Thanks for the tips Richard, hopefully you’re still around and can clear some aditional doubts I have. I don’t live in the UK and thus I’m not able to directly take advantage of this offer but suposing that I manage to get a hold of a Betfair UK account and use a VPN to operate it, this clears the matters with Betfair. But what about all the bookies? As far as I understand, sometimes the money ends up in thebookie account and not on Betfair. Is it easy to withdraw money from them? Don’t they require proof of residence on the UK?

  39. Che says:


    On your tips page you said one bookie wanted £200 of bets before you could get your money out. You made 4*£50 bets – surely this is at risk and not layed off. Early daya this could wipe you out, especially early days before a big bank is built up.

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Che, thanks for the comment. Sorry if it wasn’t clear – you lay each one of those £50 bets off (following Mike’s advice) so none of your money is at risk. Hope that makes sense!

  40. JOHN says:

    Bonus bagging works. The service is first class and if for any reason you decide you don’t like it, the return is rock solid and quick.
    Mike has always answered my queries promptly and is very helpful.
    I have never had such a good experience from any other opportunity.
    If you follow Mikes instructions you could easily make the price of the system back and a nice profit to boot within a few days.
    I made over £500 in the first month with a starting bank of less than £100
    As others have said, you will not make that amount every month, but you should be able to achieve a nice lump sum of £1OOO within two months And without any risk, provided you follow mikes instructions.

  41. Stan says:

    Hello Tom, thanks for this wonderful review.
    I got a mailshot yesterday from Lombard Publishing offering ‘Cash Trap’ system for £77. It promises to make £2000 in 47 days guaranteed, and apparently anyone can do it by following a simple set of instructions. The letter does not give exact details but has to do with bookmakers and something occurring almost daily, on which we can cash in. I wonder if you’ve heard of this, i cannot find any reviews anywhere online.If you like i can scan the promo letter and email it to you. Cheers, Stan.

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Stan. Thank you!

      I got this mailshot too actually. I would stick with Bonus Bagging. It’s a lot cheaper, Mike’s support is excellent and he has a proven track record (he’s been doing it for years). I’ve heard very mixed feedback about Lombard’s refund policy. With that said, if anyone has used ‘Cash Trap’ please email me or leave a comment.

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  43. Ian says:

    Already a Betfair customer and would imagine that it’s essential to be able to take advantage of their laying service
    to be able to profit from this. Don’t think more than one Betfair acct is easy either. Appreciate comments or advice in this as I have several other betting accts as well and wondering if its worth bothering & enough opportunities are out there to take advantage of this system.

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Ian, it’s good that you’re already a Betfair customer although that means you will already have got the bonus money for that particular one.

      Frankly that’s a drop in the ocean as there are loads more. When you sign up he gets you to tick the accounts that you’ve already got so that he only sends you fresh ones. I’d be really surprised if you’ve got too many to make a decent profit but you’ve always got the 30 day refund period if not.

  44. Ben H says:

    Hi all – just wanted to add a few comments to those already on here about Bonus Bagging which I hope will clear a few things up for people unsure whether to give it a go. Before bonus bagging I had never placed an online bet before and had only rarely gambled (a couple of casino trips and the odd flutter on the grand national was about it) so I was understandably a little cautious. I was encouraged by the very positive reviews. So here’s my summary and a couple of things that might not have been mentioned by others;

    Firstly – it works. There is absolutely no doubt that if you follow Mike’s instructions carefully and correctly then you will make money. I made almost exactly £500 in a month from the main offers and haven’t pursued any of the trickier ones yet (but still might do so).

    Secondly it is essentially risk free, however… you will have to be prepared to lose some very small sums of money (typically £1 – £4 per qualifying bet) in order to make much larger sums.

    Thirdly – in order to cash out the bigger bonuses you WILL need to be prepared to stake quite a lot of money, admittedly risk free, with some bookies and on betfair. For example one of the biggest bonuses is worth £200 but you have to stake £200 of your own money first before it’s credited.

    Fourthly – if you’re new to the whole thing like me you might find it takes you longer to place the bets than is suggested in some reviews. I kept careful records of all the money I’d deposited and all the bets I’d placed and this took a little while each time, however it still works out as a good hourly rate – if you want to see it like that.

    Finally – as everyone says, Mike is good at responding to questions and usually gets back to you within a few minutes.

    One other thing – to give you some idea of the time involved, over the course of a month I placed approximately 100 bets in total (50 at the bookies and 50 on betfair) at an average time of about 5 minutes per bet (which includes signing up to the bookies and keeping records of the bets). So, that’s around 8 hours in total over a month. I made a profit of £500 which works out as around £60 per hour – definitely better than my day job!

    Hope that helps people wondering whether to give this a go or not. I would say do it! You will DEFINITELY make money – in the region of £400 – £500 for the main offers with the opportunity to make more if you’re prepared to do a bit more of the work yourself.

  45. ib says:


    i tryed this bagging system to ,just want to say if your living i denmark like me it is not working ,many of the bookies would not accept clients from denmark


  46. Tom Wake says:

    Hi ib,

    Thanks for highlighting this. It is something I cover in the tips page but it’s good to restate here too. People can view that here:

    Just to recap, Bonus Bagging works accordingly (in terms of profitability).

    Excellent: UK, Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand
    Very Good: Austria, Sweden, Germany, Greece
    Not Available: Rest of the world (there is an exception to this – please view above link).

  47. Lo says:

    have decided to give this a go after reading all the reviews.

    I would like to save enough to use Mike’s other system as I am looking to make earnings of about £1000 a month within 6 months. Does this seem achievable?

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Lo,

      Great, that’s exactly the right way round. Use Bonus Bagging first, build up a bank and then move on to Profit Maximiser when you’re ready.

      While you can make recurring monthly profits using Bonus Bagging (from reload offers etc) to be honest the most worthwhile gains are in the first couple of months where you should be able to clear £1,000 relatively easily. After that you’ll be taking advantage of reload offers which involve more work for less gains and many people stop at this point.

  48. Tom Redvers says:

    I was a member of the orginal Bogus Bagging system. I had that many betting accounts that I ran out of choice. What would be the situation if I join the latest version ?

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  50. David says:

    Totally useless in Australia. First bet recommended a bookmaker that doesn’t even list Australia in the “Country” option, so no account could be opened.
    This system MAY work, but I can’t use it.

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi David,

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had that experience. It is designed for the UK so obviously there will be some bookmakers which are UK only (there’s no getting round that) but you can definitely still make money from this as an Australian user – you just skip the bookmaker deals that aren’t available in Australia. It’s worth letting Mike know that you’re using it from Oz so he can fill you in better. Several Australian Insider’s Edge readers have used it with great success.

  51. Robert says:

    I have bonus bagging if you have already accounts with most bookmakers its not good,and i find it a lot of messing about betting large sums on different sports and laying sums on betfair and playing though free bets messing about with bets here and there to win at the end of the day not a lot..Mikes OK though

  52. kevin says:

    Hi just wondering can Australians do bonus bagging
    Thankyou Kevin

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Kevin, yes – I’ve checked with Mike and you can. Most of the ‘bonus bags’ will work just fine. You can email his support address as a member to let him know you’d be doing it from Oz.

  53. David says:

    This works, its not gambling, fill your boots you lucky people , you cannot lose, its not new, many years ago I had to search for my own arbs, and it was laborious let me tell you
    Now we have them sent to us for a small fee, couple of clicks here and there and the cash is heading for your wallet , , no ifs or buts about this, this is the real deal…………..Highly recommended !

  54. brian says:

    Hi I’m a pensioner so I don’t have much of a “float” however as my bills are paid on or around the first of the month and my pension comes in (at the moment) ! around the 10th, I use the money to bag the bookies money regularly, (The money being back in the bank by the time the bills are due!) although I have used up a great many of them!. Bagging I don’t know how much, but it must be over £6oo easily. I recommend it to everyone.(I tell my friends but they are “Doubting Thomases too, but that’s their loss!)

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  56. Angie says:

    Hi Tom, its the 5th October 2014 and I stumbled on Insider’s Edge and the feedback on Bonus Bagging which started around 2012. How is the system going presently? From your replies to feedback I can see that it is a short term financial solution. Is there a way the system can be used in the longer term to make, say, £500 per month?
    Thank you.

    • Tom Wake says:

      Hi Angie! Thanks for commenting. Bonus Bagging is still going great guns. In terms of your question re: short term/long term use, everyone’s different, but it just comes down to time really. The initial bonus offers are much larger and simpler to bag and you can make your first £1,000 – £1,500 in a relatively short space of time (around 6 – 10 weeks depending on how fast you go). You definitely can continue to profit from this month on month (often using what Mike calls reload offers) it just takes more time. That’s why a lot of people set a target of say £1,000 – £2,000 on Bonus Bagging and then migrate to Profit Maximiser (also by Mike) which you can see here: . I hope this helps.

      • Lorraine says:

        Hi there
        Wondered if there are any updates/feedback from users as I feel like I might be late to the party!? Is this still going strong?
        Many thanks

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