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Published on April 12th, 2013 | by Tom Wake


Review: Carbon Copy Commissions – Justin Michie

Review Carbon CommissionsReview by Derek Kemp.

If you’re having a bad day, then whatever you do don’t look at the sales page for Carbon Copy Commissions.

It’s so doom-laden and scaremongering that you’re almost forced to move your quivering hands onto the mouse to click on ‘Buy now’ in one last hope that you can avoid the financial terror that the video prophesises.

The video is comprised of news footage about the global recession and America’s approach to bankruptcy, as an almost gleeful sounding narrator hammers home the absolute horror the future holds.

Apparently we’ll all be living on the streets, the family unit destroyed. At one point the voice-over actually says: “And there you are: sitting in the corner of your living room with your head in your hands, trying to figure out how to explain to your five-year-old why you can’t come home anymore.”

I cannot stand this type of marketing that scares the living daylights out of you. There’s enough of it in newspapers and on the TV news so I don’t want it when I’m trying to figure out whether I want to buy an Internet marketing product.

So is Carbon Copy Commissions the answer to all our problems?

Is this product going to mean that I keep an income, my house, my family?

Nope. This is yet another – one out of hundreds, if not thousands – of training courses about how to make money from affiliate marketing and a fairly basic one at that.

It’s priced at $37 (although if you try to leave the page it’s reduced by $10). This gets you access to Justin Michie’s affiliate marketing course, which he structures through a series of videos, ebooks, reports and templates.

The pinnacle of his teachings (and also the rock that it is built upon) is the copy-and-paste campaigns that give this product its name: Carbon Copy Commissions.

Michie claims that if you can copy and paste, you can emulate his fantastic success.

I’m less certain of this.

His training course is divided into five sections: 1) Traffic-building through YouTube, 2) Outsourcing, 3) Creating microsites that are a focus for certain honed strategies 4) The power of paid advertising to increase business and 5) Methods that will see you selling more to your best buyers (more Old Testament fire and brimstone).

There’s not a lot that makes Carbon Copy Commissions stand out from the myriad of other similar affiliate-centric products out there.

In fact, other similar products probably give you more information for your $37 than this one. And also, other products aren’t so brazen about smacking you hard in the teeth with an upsell almost as soon as you’ve bought into it.

This upsell is additional access to the Carbon Copy Commissions members’ area, plus access to their customer support. It costs $197.

Without this you’re left to your own devices when it comes to working your way through the training.

Carbon Copy Commissions does not get a thumbs up from me I’m afraid. There’s not enough information to warrant calling itself a content-filled course and I don’t like how the product is sold.

In my opinion there are better, more informative courses out there about affiliate marketing.

You can see the sales page for Carbon Copy Commissions here

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