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Published on December 9th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Champion’s League Profit Service

by Charlie Wright

Great bit of feedback from this service (this is all genuine and checked out by Yours Truly)….

‘Congratulations on another sterling effort on the Champions League season! The stats, attention to detail and recommendations are all 5 star and season after season you have produced great profits in the Champions League. You have certainly made the tournament a lot more exciting (and profitable) for me. Thanks’? J.W, email


‘I made a bundle. I finished with over £100 profit for the night, so long live your statistical analysis’ Paul C, email

The idea of the service is simple. You get 28 days to road test Matt Nesbitt’s football stats.  That’s all the performance data like goals… corners…bookings… scorers…times of goals… for and against… home and away… and so on.
He’ll send them to you via email, plus you get access to an impressive members’ site with all the whistles and bells.

I’ve talked about this guy before so you may recall previous reviews of other services.  But to recap…

Matt Nesbitt provides stats-based spread betting advice for The Guardian. He was also in a panel of experts with Ruud Gullitt and Sky’s Charlotte Jackson – on the Budweiser’s ‘Predict and Win’ competition for the World Cup.

I’ve met in person and he’s the real deal – totally immersed in his subject and quite the expert.

In this service he uses his number crunching nous to spots trends that you can capitalise on.

For example… bets on Real Madrid to win the Most Corners paid out in 8 out of 8 Champions League games last season – that’s a 100% strike rate.  And that bet has paid out again in all 4 of their games this season too…

The aim is to use this type of information to help you make at least £100 per time that you bet on a match… but looking more for £300-£600.

No, it’s not get super-rich stuff, but this is about fun and earning useful chunks of extra cash.

That’s a water-tight 28-day guarantee from the people at Oxfordshire Press.

Update: This service is no longer available.

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