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Published on September 29th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: ClickSure

Review: ClickSureIs ClickSure a decent alternative to ClickBank for affiliate marketers and information publishers?

If you’ve been reading Insider’s Edge for some time the chances are you’re aware of ClickBank.

It’s THE largest digital marketplace for information publishers on the web.

You can find (and sell) virtually anything on there from eBooks on how to groom your pet lama, to dating tips and complicated trading strategies.

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with ClickBank but regardless of what you think of the products featured in their marketplace (yes, the good ones are few and far between) it has to be said that the buying experience is pretty painless.

I’ve bought a lot of ClickBank products for review purposes for Insider’s Edge and have never had a problem getting a payment through and just as importantly claiming a refund where necessary.

Several readers have been asking about a new provider called ‘ClickSure’. They’re a company based in the UK who offer a very similar service to ClickBank – a place for publishers to sell their wares and buyers to purchase them.

If you’re an information publisher should you be using their platform to publish… and should affiliate marketers get onboard with them?

We know (for all it’s faults) ClickBank works. Publisher’s get paid, affiliates get paid and buyers can get refunds should they want them without too much hassle.

ClickSure are relatively new kids on the block and though some publishers and affiliates are using them with ‘okay’ results others are much less complimentary about their service.

Here’s why…

– Relatively poor customer service to date – Yes they are a newish company but there’s no excuse not to include proper contact details on their website (I only know their UK based because of where their website is registered).

– Currently a bit hairy on the payment options – ClickBank let’s customers pay by all the major cards as well as Paypal whereas currently ClickSure is limited to credit cards. A lot of buyers’ cards are getting blocked because apparently their credit card processing company is affiliated with online gambling sites – which is a red flag to many card providers.

– Refund processing needs tightening up – While people are getting refunds when requested, several people have reported having to wait weeks for them to come through.

– Getting products listed on their site is a slow process – There’s a long waiting list for product approvals. This is good in the sense that at least there is some semblance of quality control… however, frustrating if you’re looking to get a product launched quickly.

– Rumours about quality control – On the above point a number of some folk have suggested that many of the products that are appearing on ClickSure are ClickBank rejects – in other words people who have been banned or rejected from using ClickBank for whatever reason which, if true, is very worrying.

Ok, so all this sounds pretty damning, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Some ClickSure users seem to be muddling along ok so hopefully these are teething troubles for this young, ambitious company.

It is important that new companies like this come onto the scene and provide an alternative to Goliaths like ClickBank – and actually for that I applaud them. However for now I would advise caution whether you’re a buyer, an affiliate marketer or a publisher.

It’s just not a solid enough operation yet but I hope to be proved wrong in the future. If you’ve had any experience using Clicksure as a buyer, affiliate or publisher I’ve love to hear your thoughts.


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