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Published on January 20th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Code 10 Trader – Juliette Colby

Code 10 ReviewThis unique code can pay out £40 – £200 from anywhere… in minutes

Imagine if you could stumble out of bed in the morning and pocketing an easy £70 while your better half dozes their way through breakfast…

… or make £45 on the way home from work.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pocket quick cash windfalls like these from anywhere, in just minutes?

That’s what Juliette Colby does using a unique code that you can use online. She’s not a slick city trader or technical whizz, but a single mum with a fulltime job. Yet she regularly pulls in £300 – £400 or more a week from this.

You can see full details here

This is a quick strategy you could use to make an extra £50 – £100 a week consistently
It’s called ‘Code 10’ and it’s a simple technique that can be used to pluck small, consistent gains from Forex markets in your ‘dead time’ – when you’re queuing up in post office… or watching tele on the sofa.

The great thing about this one is locking in a trade only takes around 15 minutes. That makes it perfect for busy people with a lot going on, or anyone who wants a simple way to make some extra cash without the hassle of setting up a business.

There are no DVDs to watch or long winded guides to trawl through. It’s all in one easy instruction manual. She’s also on the other end of an email to answer any questions you might have.

I really like Juliette, she isn’t flashy and doesn’t make any outlandish claims. She’s just an ordinary person like you or I except that she’s found a very clever way to trade in her spare time.

She regularly uses this to make £300 – £400 a week (and has already made well over £10,000 from it). She’s isn’t suggesting you’ll make this right away but is confident you could make £50 – £100 a week to begin with. Once you build up your confidence you should steadily be able to increase this.

Here’s the ‘science bit’ in terms of stop losses and starting bank:

– Juliette recommends a profit limit of 5-10 and a stop loss of 12 (this can go up slightly to 15 on GBP/USD).
– Ideally you’d want a start bank of £500 – £1,000 although technically you could start with as little as £250. According to Juliette “A trading bank of £2,500 will allow for a maximum £10 stake.  So if you went for 3 days you could potentially make £300.  If you traded 4 days with this stake you could make more.”
– Also, just to confirm, you don’t need any software for this one.

Full details here: Code 10 Trader

At last, a strategy that makes realistic projections and offers a watertight 40 day guarantee

I think Code 10 Trader is going to prove extremely popular. You don’t need to become a trading expert or watch a screen for hours which makes it ideal for people who might not have a lot of spare time and are happy making modest gains of £50 – £100 a week.

There is a downside of course which is that this won’t make you thousands. You won’t see any mention of fast cars or holiday homes.

Juliette makes a simple and very confident proposition: Make at least £200 in your first 40 days or you don’t pay a penny for the service.

It’s not often you see an offer like that and if you paper trade to begin with, which I absolutely suggest you do (as with any service), you won’t risk anything. The guarantee is wholly underwritten by Fortis who you can trust.

You can secure a trial space here

If you’re interested you’ll need to be quick!

To ensure member’s get the best support possible Juliette’s taking on just 100 members for Code 10 Trader to begin with.

She might consider taking on more at a later date but for now she’s tightly limiting the numbers.

That means you’ll need to be quick if you want to secure a space. This is going to be seen by thousands of people next week and they won’t last long.

If you manage to be one of the lucky few who get in on this do let me know how you get on.

Here’s that link again:

Code 10 Trader

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