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Published on November 23rd, 2008 | by Tom Wake


Review: Colin Davey’s Private Racing Syndicate Sovereign Group

by Charlie Wright

You probably know my feelings about racing tipsters by now. Great if you love a flutter anyway and don’t mind a gamble. Bad if you want a consistent extra income.

And very dangerous to get into if you can’t afford to lose money. VERY.

But here’s another one anyway.

Colin will send you his” Simple Guide to Horseracing”, and a list of bookmakers’ telephone numbers when you join. You also get access to his the betting information at midday every day.

All this for £24 per week and then 2.5% of your winnings after you make your first £10,000.

But be warned. A Biz Opp Jungler emailed me to say:

“I would though like to warn your readers about a tipster called Colin Davey, if I remember correctly he is based at Newmarket.

“I joined his tipping service last year for a couple of months, it cost me £25 a week for the two months, plus the money I lost backing his tips. Some week, it would be up to 5or 6 days without a tip, and the ones he did give were donkeys.”

After researching other people’s opinions of this service online, my reader is no exception. There are some very negative opinions on this guy’s service… not that it surprises me.

If there’s someone who’s made regular profits over a year from following a horse racing tipster, please PROVE ME WRONG and let us all know. But I won’t hold my breath.

Not recommended

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