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Published on July 18th, 2013 | by Tom Wake


Review: Digi Profits Formula – Rob Cornish

Review: Digi Profits Formula – Rob Cornish Tom Wake
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Superb idea - bags of potential

Rob Cornish’s DigiProfits Formula – what is it exactly, how does it work and is it any good?

I’m looking at the member’s section of DigiProfits Formula right now and I think this is easily one of the most intelligent, comprehensive online business opportunities I’ve come across of late.

You can see it here.

It the brainchild of Rob Cornish, who’s a knight in shining armour in what in the somewhat murky, overhyped world of online opportunities (a world which seems for the most part to be populated by overexcited teenagers pretending to have decoded clandestine money making secrets).

I’ll start this review by explaining the premise behind DigiProfits Formula and why I think it’s such a good idea.

Review: Rob Cornish DigiProfits Formula

How Digi Profits Formula works

Rob explains it well in his video here but I’ll do my best to break it down. DigiProfits Formula is a step-by-step guide to creating a genuine, useful and valuable products online without a website or an email list. Rob has personally used this to make £22,654 (at time of writing) and continues to make money from this every week.

You’re not palming off junk to idiots or scamming anyone. You’re creating fantastic products that time-poor members of the online community will fall over themselves to buy. The products you’re creating are simple pieces of software that other people will make for you (don’t worry, Rob covers this in step-by-step detail).

What I really like about Digi Profits Formula is that you hardly have to do any of the work. Rob shows you how to get others to do all the ‘techie’ bits for you. I know this is a big stumbling block for many of us and he thoroughly addresses this issue. In fact everything in the design of this course caters for you, no matter what your level of expertise.

Let me give you an example. Rob pays SO much attention to detail he’s even created a walkthrough video which shows you what to do if you forgot your password to log in to the site. I think that’s pretty impressive attention to detail.

This is genuinely simple stuff and I’m really enjoying going through the modules. Rob’s got a clear, calm and easy way of explaining things in plain English and he leaves nothing to chance.

I emailed him a couple of times to check out his support system and so far he’s been lightning fast to respond (much quicker than the 24 hour turnaround he promises). Something else that I was impressed with was the way he encourages members to make suggestions and ask questions in the webinars he offers. He wants this to evolve with his members and his attention to detail and tireless dedication to helping you succeed is seriously impressive.


This is a really, genuinely cracking idea and programme – but (there’s always a but!) you do have to put some work in. While you’ll be outsourcing all the tricky, techie bits you do need to be able to manage your elancers and keep them in check. It’s not just a case of saying “Oi! Do this for me”, you need to be clear and follow Rob’s steps, otherwise you could get frustrated by poor or incomplete work.

The good news is that once you’ve got your bit of software made and listed you do very little. The money from sales literally come in automatically and the more successful and popular your piece of software, the more likely news will spread. Others will start marketing for you on their blogs and websites and your income from it will increase even further.

If you’re prepared to look at this properly I think this is an excellent programme and one which I have no hesitation in recommending.

Here’s some feedback that’s come in from members…

Positive feedback’s coming in quickly for this one. Here’s a small sample:

“I bought a copy of the digi profit formula, and I want to say how fantastic the product is, I am enjoying the training, you have gone into great detail and made it very easy to understand…” Edward H

“I have to say this course is excellent..and it is the first time I have actually really got excited about something in a long time….I was working on a business idea and then your videos came along… 🙂

I gave it a lot of thought before I signed up…sometimes you have to put your pride in your pocket and trust a gut feeling…your  course came along and it is far better than my idea…I have to think about time…and when I can work.. (full time nights does not make it easy to get enthusiasm..)
Thanks again Rob…much appreciated….you have an award winning course here..and it is the most exciting thing that I have ever seen or been involved in…” Steven K

“Thanks so much for your email with all your brilliant advice and guidance.  I’ve gone through Module 1 of the Main Training and done some notes.  Wow – you know what?  I think this is such a brilliant business model which ticks all the boxes.  I’m so excited, but have to remember to go “slow and steady” like you said.  I’ve stuck bits of paper on the wall in front of my computer to remind myself of these important bits of information you give – you know I like “go slow and steady”, consistent regular bits of action etc.  Then I don’t get ahead of myself too fast with excitement.”  Christine C

“I am working my way through the modules and really enjoying it, certainly no regrets at buying the course. I should say last nights live training was very useful and complimented the course really well. I look forward to the others. As you know working on your own from home its easy to get disillusioned and lose focus, so to have that ‘live’ contact with yourself and others on the course really keeps you motivated!” Paul D

“Hi Rob. Just wanted to say last night was great. It has cemented my belief that I can do this……………  the reason is because of only one thing………………. Your great commitment to supporting the guys who have invested money in your product! I recently bought an expensive  product for an E-Bay business blueprint. The course was good, the videos were easy to follow and I picked it up well. However, and although he promised 48 hr customer support, HE NEVER ANSWERED ANY OF MY E-MAILS!! So although I knew I could have gone forward with the course and started a business I returned the product. So thanks again for your honest, no hype approach. Cheers” Steve T

How much could you make from this?

Rob makes thousands a selling these little bits of software each time and frankly there are no limits to this market as you’ll see. He shows you how to do exactly what he’s done (and continues to do) from scratch. Not only that, he also gives you the rights to sell one of his existing, best selling bits of software (using all his copy and sales materials) which is a great bonus.

I think this is a fantastic package and one which I cannot recommend highly enough.

Highly Recommended:

You can get a 30 day risk free trial here

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