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Published on November 23rd, 2009 | by Tom Wake


Review: Don’t Tell The Professionals – Keith Cotterill

by Charlie Wright

This is, without a doubt, the best trading opportunity I’ve come across in all my time as a biz opp warrior.

Finally, here is a way you can follow professional traders – the guys who actually move the markets – from your own home.

You can copy their mega-money deals to make at least £15,000 in the coming year… for just 20 minutes a day at the computer. Better still, to help you, you’ll have the support of a successful self-made trader at the end of a phone line

“Don’t Tell The Professionals: The Lazy Way to Track, Trade and Profit from the Hidden Signals in the World’s Financial Markets” is the kind of trading opportunity I’ve been waiting to review for ages.

This realistic and down-to-earth course teaches you how to raid any financial market – currencies, commodities, equities and indices – by tracking insider deals that are never released to the likes of you and me.

But make no mistake. This is an educational course. Not some automated system or software package.

What you learn can be applied to any kind of trading at all.

A bona fide way to make money, long-term as a home trader

Keith Cotterill has been teaching this stuff to private students for the past 9 years. Only now is he willing to go out wider audience.

As you can see on the sales promotion, he’s got Nick Laight involved. Nick’s not only a friend of mine, but one of the most respected publishers in the business.

So this is a bona fide opportunity. You have my word on that. I’ll even stick my neck out and say that if you’re going to try a trading course this year… then this is the one!

But please be aware of two things:

Firstly, you need to be serious about this. Don’t look for any ‘automatic cash generator at the touch of a button’ or ‘make a million a year’ nonsense.

This is a realistic opportunity. You may make £15,000 in the next year. Probably more. But don’t go ordering the yacht, yet.

Secondly, Keith is offering a limited amount of places to new students.

Keith and his team have to be on hand all year round to help you with your questions and to offer support. They limit places to make sure all student get the FULL support they need.

This isn’t some cheap marketing trick (I’d tell you if it was!). In September 2006 the doors closed and have only just reopened… get in quick before it closes again!

Try it for yourself without risking money

When you sign up for “Don’t tell The Professionals” you’ll get full training, 10 CD-ROMs and bonus software…. plus telephone support, and weekly emails showing you the market overview…

For this you’ll need to make a serious cash investment, as you’ll see when you go to the web-page.

However, you get 45 days to look through all the CDs and bonus material. In that time you are protected by a 45-day unconditional guarantee.

If it’s not for you, you’ll get your money back. Either way, you’ll know for sure if the course its for you.


UPDATE: This product is closed for the season


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