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Published on November 18th, 2013 | by Tom Wake


Review: eBay Confidential – Avril Harper

Review by Charlie Wright

I have to admit I’m a bit of a numpty when it comes to computers but I love eBay. And I love Avril Harper (in a purely platonic way) for introducing me to it.

It was a over a year ago that I first came across the mailshot for eBay Confidential: “If you think making money on eBay is something other people do, then read on…”

I did read on and I was hooked. And that’s because eBay is my kind of thing: a global marketplace where you can sell anything and buy anything… while sitting at your computer in your pants.

Say you’ve got a box of old 1970s singles… or football stickers… or toy cars… weird fridge magnets… Star Trek annuals… anything niche and collectable… you can sell them on eBay and make a tonne of money.

You just stick them on the website, with some details about the item’s condition. Then you sit back, sip a cuppa, and watch as people outbid each other.

But eBay Confidential doesn’t just show you how to flog stuff on eBay. It shows you how to turn this into a £1,000 a week home business… a constant cash generator that can take orders even while you sleep.

You can get started for just 20p…. buy and sell items you don’t even own…. or simply tear pages out of cheap old books and flog them for a tenner a time…

Avril has made an entire business out of flogging stuff on eBay this way. She’s described as an eBay ‘Platinum Powerseller’ and triple Powerseller. To you and me, that means she’s one of their top marketers, and gets all these special privileges and help from eBay to sell MORE stuff.

When you sign up to Ebay Confidential, you get a newsletter from Avril Harper with all her PowerSeller secrets and business blueprints. There’s a useful members-only websites, and she also sends informative emails throughout the week.

For £79 a year, it’s pretty good value. But Canonbury Publishing are offering it for £37 for the first year – which I think is hard to beat. There’s the usual 3-month money-back guarantee, too. So there’s absolutely no harm in testing the water on this one.

A great product. A good writer. And a trustworthy publisher. ‘Nuff said.

Visit the eBay Confidential website


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