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Published on November 14th, 2008 | by Tom Wake


Review: False Favourites

by Charlie Wright

This product by Jonathan Burgess comes in a PDF file, which technically makes it an e-book I suppose. This is why it’s slightly lower in price at £19.99 that similar betting books, which usually come for £27, £37, £47 or even higher.

It’s actually two e-books. The first is a beginner’s guide to opening a Betfair account and an explanation of his premise: that very often favourites will lose the race, and it’s by betting on these in a systematic way that you can make a bit of spare cash.

The second e-book shows you loads more examples, goes deeper into his method, and explains how to lay on the Flat.

Overall, it’s a detailed and informative manual. Take all this information in, and give it a go, and you’ll learn the ropes and enjoy an education in Burgess’s methods.

Some comments online quite rightly point out that it isn’t a ‘system’ in the sense that you don’t have a formula you apply blindly. It’s more about gathering the right information to make good choices. But that to me is a better quality for a manual to have.

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