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Published on October 23rd, 2008 | by Tom Wake


Review: Forex Black Book – What Really Profits, Canonbury Publishing

by Charlie Wright

Forex trading has been such a hit that HUNDREDS of tipsters started popping up. It’s very easy to stick the word “FOREX” on your half baked system just to shift some units. Even if your track record looks like a British banker’s balance sheet. Who cares? Make up some figures.

Chuck in a few big promises. Take a photo of yourself in a bath of cash. They will come.

The upshot is, it’s really hard to tell the good from the bad. While there are some systems that really work, there’s a LOT of bad out there. So if you’ve been considering Forex but don’t know where to start… or you’ve had your fingers burned in the past… then here’s my ultimate,

NUMBER ONE, tip top recommendation….

Canonbury Publishing have produced something called The Forex Black Book. It shows you who’s really making a profit out of Forex and who’s ripping people off. It also shows you genuine and proven ways to trade the Forex, FTSE and other markets and make between £12,500and £18,750 profit in a year.

Before you commit another penny to a Forex tipster, or book another seminar, you need to get your hands on this thing. Here’s a good way to find out more about forex BEFORE you get burned, scammed, or generally angry to the pit of your stomach. With this nifty handbook you’ll know how much money these tipster and gurus could make you.

The best part is, this book a FREE gift when you take a look at their newsletter What Really Profits. This is a great little trading review service that you can try for 12 months with a full money back guarantee. You get all the trading systems out there reviewed and analysed for that year.

Even if you take 11 months’ worth of issues and then decide to refund, that’s fine. The book is yours to keep, whatever you do, and whatever decide.

So it’s well worth getting. This is an easy, quick way to find out which FX products are worth buying and how much time and effort you need to put in to start making a profit.

It’s also worth a read just to see some of the many scamsters exposed.

UPDATE: This product is no longer available

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