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Published on May 22nd, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Forex Pick Pocket Alert – Agora Lifestyles

Forex Pickpocket Alert ReviewThere was a whole lot of build up to Agora Lifestyle’s new trading service: Forex Pick Pocket and I know a lot of readers want my take on this so I  bought a copy and gave it to one of our beta testers (you can see his findings below).

There are some bold claims in the promotional material that you can make £96 a day risking less than £4 a trade. Marvellous. So what’s the low down on this one?

Well it’s not cheap and in your first year you will be billed at £397 – with subsequent years that increases to £497. You’d be hard pushed to find out any hard details on what Forex Pickpocket entails from the promotion – but it is an SMS trading service and it uses Binary Betting on IG Index. Binary Betting is a way of trading where there are just two outcomes – win and lose (it’s a bit more complex than that, but that’s the gist of it).

You’re texted details of trades direct to your mobile phone and according to the promo you get roughly 4 or 5 trades a week.

Who’s the person responsible for all this Forex Pickpocket-ing?

Apparently the 62 year trader behind this one can’t be named… until you sign up. He’ll have a hard time keeping his identity under wraps after this is seen by all and sundry. Still, I’ll suspend disbelief. For me the potentially appealing aspect is of the service (as presented in the promo) is the low level stakes.

These kind of services live or die by their first couple of months results. As yet there are no track records to speak of for Forex Pickpocket Alert – just the word of the guy running it and the publisher so I would recommend taking a step back and letting the dust settle first.

—————————– Review from Beta Tester Terry —————————-

Dissapointed with this one I’m afraid. You get nothing in the post, just a very light pdf doc but download which doesn’t tell you much. Comms from the editor of Forex Pickpocket were very sparse – almost non-existant and in the month I tried it out I got roughly a trade a week.

I was led to believe in the promotion that his name would be revealed upon signing up but this didn’t happen – maybe he was embarrassed to reveal his name! There were nothing like 5 trades a week, more like 1 as said. For the period I tested it all of these trades lost.

I would have given it longer but the complete lack of communication from the editor made me feel very uneasy and at the current frequency of trades it’d take weeks to recover the losses let alone recover the hefty £397 price tag for year one.

When I called up to cancel Agora did offer me an extension on the trial period but… I politely declined. Refund money came through promptly.


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