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Published on August 17th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Forex Smart Bot

forex-smart-bot reviewForex Smart Bot… or should that be ‘Forex Scam Bot’?

See what I’ve done there?

Sorry, it’s been a long day…

I should start this review by admitting that when it comes to Forex bots I’m immediately biased. Negatively. I don’t think they work at all, ever.

More than that – I think they’re almost programmed not to work in the sense that they simply cannot take rational, dare I say it, human decisions with your money.

But look, I want to be proved wrong and have been proved wrong in the past, so let’s see what Forex Smart Bot has to offer.

The promotional video gives us a very bold ultimatum upfront:


I am intimidated by success and at this point I quit. I then returned when I remembered I had to write a review on it.

If you can make it through the video the first thing you’ll notice is that these guys seem very elusive about who they are exactly. There are no names or contact details anywhere on the website. For me this is enough to completely write this product off.

No contact details, no deal as far as I’m concerned.

The second thing to worry about (as if that wasn’t enough) is that they provide no proof, not stats, nothing anywhere in their incredibly vague promotional video. All we have is the promise of something amazingly profitable – but with no results to back it up.

There are some testimonials but it looks like they might have gone to a prison and paid for them I’m not wholly, or even slightly convinced by them. The only positive reports I’ve heard about this programme is that you can get your money back easily enough via ClickBank. The experience of the vast majority of users is that it throws up few, if no trades and that the whole package is geared up simply to upsell you more premium priced products.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Save your money.

Not Recommended

You can see Forex Smart Bot here.

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