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Published on November 23rd, 2011 | by Tom Wake


Review: Frank Mansen

by Charlie Wright

He’s currently offering a training programme that promises to show his secrets and strategies. A couple of readers have asked me to dig around for information on it. The honest answer is, I’ve not had any dealings with him, or any feedback from other readers.

However, he appears to be a clever internet marketer. Having scouted around I see he’s doing lots of forum marketing, article marketing and squeeze page marketing.  These are all solid techniques I endorse and use in my Omega Programme.

So while I can’t vouch for his product, he obviously knows his stuff and all power to him. He seems pretty new on the scene, but he presents himself well. My only reservation is that the price of this ‘training programme’ is very low. I can’t imagine how he’ll offer support for that price, as he’ll need to sell a lot of these to make a decent margin.

I wonder if this is an ‘entry level’ product that you buy, so he can introduced your to a higher level (more expensive) system.  Again, there’s nothing wrong with this strategy, but beware that it may cost more money to follow this guy all the way.

That’s all I have right now. I’ll stick him on my radar and see what bleeps.

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