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Published on October 9th, 2010 | by Tom Wake


Review: FX Friday

by Charlie Wright

FX Friday is a new home trading system from Lee Moor at Agora Lifestyles that claims to bring utter simplicity to the home trading process. Self-confessed IT nerd Lee Moor offers you a way to fix yourself a £100 gain every weekend from the Forex market… all thanks to a “boring spreadsheet”.

The idea is quite simple. You open up his spreadsheet on a Friday night around about 7pm. Then you go to a website. You feed a few numbers from that website onto the spreadsheet.

Lee’s spreadsheet does some calculations and gives you an instruction to make a trade. From that you can ‘fix’ yourself a £100 payout or more each weekend.

As well as Lee’s spreadsheet, which you can immediately download onto your computer, you get his step-by-step guide to trading the Forex market.  All you need to do is use his spreadsheet to trade at 7pm on a Friday.
You then get eight Fridays to test it out… so that’s an 8 week trial (I know you didn’t need me to do the maths there!) If you don’t make enough money to fully cover the cost of the spreadsheet (£197) you’ll get a full refund. In fact, you can get a refund for any reason you like. This is fully backed up by his publisher Agora Lifestyles.

In that time you’ll get Lee’s private email address. Which means you can ask him any questions you like. He’ll also send you a weekly email alert to explain what payouts were fixed the previous Friday. You can then check that against your own spreadsheet to check it’s working properly.

This is (fairly) hot off the press. The service has been going only a month, but the initial Beta Testers have been impressed.

“The plan is easy to follow and, so far, has a high success rate. Actually it’s been 100% so far.” – Ian M., Beta Tester

“What can I say? Just a great little system. So far I’ve not had a losing week out of 9 weeks. Superb. Thanks once again for letting me road test this for you.” – J. Walsh, Beta Tester

“Having tested for the past 8 weeks, I can fully endorse it as a credible and profitable service. In reality, it takes about 30mins on a Friday evening, so a pretty good return on your investment of time.” – C. Porter, Beta Tester

If you’ve been looking for a simple home trading system with realistic profits, then this is for you.

Update: this product is no longer available. Why not check out the review section for more products like this?

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