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Published on May 23rd, 2008 | by Tom Wake


Review: Gamble2retire – Jerry Adams

by Charlie Wright

The second I saw this website, alarm bells rang.

Firstly, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to “gamble” in order to set up your retirement.

If you want a guaranteed retirement income with low risk and a long future, you need to start your own home business. Buy low, sell high. Or offer a service that people will pay for.

That’s it, plain and simple.

This is true whether it’s import-export, trading, investing, Ebay, Amazon bookselling, publishing email newsletters, or creating Family Trees for eager, paying customers.

That said, if you have spare cash and like a flutter, then you should get your hands on as much decent betting information as possible.

Better to follow a system than blindly gamble.

So let’s ignore the gambling element, shall we and look at his claim.

“Who Else Wants To Start With $144 And Make Up To $7,800 Each Month Betting On Sports?”

This sounds a LOT of money to promise. I’ve looked at plenty of sports betting services, and this isn’t the sort of claim the decent operators make.

Compare this to the honest and realistic sports betting promise made by ‘Mr X’ of Oxfordshire Press

Mr X is a UK based odds compiler who knows that the only thing you can promise is that he’ll consistently put the odds on your side, finding ‘value’ bets.

He’s been doing this a long time, and I trust him far more than this American huckster with his website images of scantily clad ladies clutching fistfuls of cash.

Also note this section of Jerry Adams sales pitch…

“When you become a member of my ‘elite sports betting club’, just paper test the picks without betting real money. Do this for a few games or the whole month. If you don’t like the profits you made, just cancel your membership anytime. It’s that simple.”

Sounds fair, right?

But it’s not ‘risk-free’ because he also says:

“Doing this allows you to just risk $144 (your initial sign up fee and first month) to see that the picks are real deal without using real money. Once you see they are the real deal, you can then start making great profits each month.”

Why should anyone have to risk $144 in the first place?

Can’t they get that money back if he fails to deliver?

Hmmm…. One to avoid, in my humble opinion.

Not recommended


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