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Published on November 23rd, 2008 | by Tom Wake


Review: Greg Secker

by Charlie Wright

Greg Secker is a big name on the trading circuit. He offers free seminars where you go along and he offers you his basic advice on the subject.

Yes, it’s a sales pitch for a more expensive course that you’ll get offered at the end. But what do you expect for a free seminar?

Besides he’s not one of those who immediately launches into the hard sell (the guys who sit you down then blow off your ears with shouty American rubbish). He goes for a softly softy approach, using biscuits, coffee and nice lighting as his secret weapons.

Contents of the course:

– Two day course with about 300 delegates (students) in a hall presented by Secker himself about spread betting, and a few other people talking or pitching about weath management.

– 200 pages manual containing A4 size slides with big font for the course.

– Introduction of spread betting, technical analysis (chart patterns), money management & psychology, advanced strategies

He teaches spread betting on FTSE100 index and FTSE350 shares, either going long or short.

The biggest criticism you’ll hear about Secker isn’t to do with his free seminars, but the price of his two day course: £2450 plus VAT.

Many online reviews and reader feedback says that while the course is sound, it’s over-priced for what you get. And that his “make 15% gains every day claim” isn’t experienced by many of his pupils.

One of my readers comments:

“Would I consider the money well spent?  The jury is still out on this one.” 

He continues:

“On the occasion I have had reason to call the office to ask for help and assistance I have always had good service.  Stock picks using the 3 day powerplay principles appear to work, so overall I would say that Greg can deliver a system to suit most amateur traders new to market trading.  I cannot speak for the rest of the training material as I felt I could not justify the expenditure.” 


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