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Published on November 23rd, 2008 | by Tom Wake


Review: Illuminati Trader Guy Cohen, Stuart Goldsmith

by Charlie Wright

I was a big fan of the Illuminati books by Robert Anton Wilson. It was classed as “science fiction” and played on idea that a secret organisation has been privy to secret occult and spiritual knowledge for millennia – even before recorded time. They’ve pulled strings, toppled governments and manipulated events to further their desire for a New World Order,

This is a long-running conspiracy theory, and there really was an Illuminati organisation in Bavaria in the 18th Century. Who knows, the theorist may even be right.

So what’s this got to do with Illuminati Trader? Well, not much, but the dramatic name suggests you’re going to get ‘secret knowledge’ that puts you in control of your destiny, I guess.

As someone who writes copy himself, I like it, even though it’s a bit over the top!

See, in essence, Illuminati Trader is an education trading course by Guy Cohen. Stuart Goldsmith, the old biz opp stalwart is also involved, and the publishers are Agora Lifestyles, who always offer sound, unconditional money back guarantees. This makes it a tidy package, in my book.

It means that this is totally risk free. You can order Illuminati Trader and go through it first before you commit any money. Don’t worry about thinking of an excuse for sending it back – you won’t need one.

What you get here is a good ‘how to’ educational trading product. But understand that it’s not one of those things where you follow tips from a trader.

The idea behind Illuminati Trader is that you trade volatility – the ups and downs of  the market – by spread betting options. You get 10 hours of Cohen on CD-ROM, also get a year’s free access to his website.

It being an educational product, there’s no portfolio to report, I’m afraid. I’d suggest that if you’re interested, order it, sit down and have a good look through. Don’t leave it on the shelve to gather dust while the refund period runs out!




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