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Published on November 30th, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: Import Mentor – Dave Berriman

By Charlie Wright

Dave Berriman claims to be raking in £10,000 a month from home flogging ultra- cheap goods from China at a huge, fat profit.

Sounds ambitious and complicated right?

Well, no. This is something you can do from your kitchen table. No jetting about or face-to-face selling required. In fact, in days gone by, this use to be THE biz opp to get into, before “easy internet marketing” became all the rage. This is a good old-fashioned “buy low, sell high” business. You know… the kind that actually WORKS.

You’ll see how an ordinary bloke like Berriman makes £10K to £16K a month importing cheap, fast-selling stuff from China. And how you can follow his exact blueprint.

For example, he takes things like hair straighteners – buys ’em for £5 and flogs ’em here for £34.95. Or juicers… bought for £8 and sold here for £54.95.

Berriman shows you how to find a supplier, order samples, sell the goods and grow the business – and this can all be done remotely, without you leaving your house. You can even source products for free and flog them off at 100% -1000% profit.

To test this product’s worth, I sent all the details to Nick Laight of ‘What Really Makes Money”. He immediately ordered Berriman’s ebook and got to work, pulling it apart, testing the claims, and analysing every detail.

The reason I wanted Nick to do this was that he’s actually been involved in import export before. Years ago he worked on the Wade import course, which is another of the few good products regarding this business. In this area, Nick knows his onions.
His conclusion?

“Despite having the typical biz opp front end promotion, this is a proper business. Yes, you can run this from home without any face-to-face selling. Much of the business is done remotely through agents and online sales outlets.”

And most crucially…

“The course material is first class – you can tell that this is a well-researched, genuine and workable opportunity.”

He even says this is one of “the best value business opportunities” he’s seen this year and comes “Highly recommended.”

From my own point of view, I like this because you get a THREE month unconditional trial. That means you can read everything Berriman has to say, and then return it for ANY reason at all. After that period, you can still get a refund as long as you show you’ve followed his import system.

Berriman also promises to give you 3 months unlimited email support. This means that if you have any questions, problems or queries you can drop him an email. He promises an answer within 24 hours!

Update – this product is no longer available.

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