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Published on November 23rd, 2008 | by Tom Wake


Review: Lee Bolingbroke Racing

by Charlie Wright

One of my readers has been tracking Lee Bolingbroke Racing. He did so from July 2008 to July 2009. Lee offers a standard racing tips line plus a special commission bets service for privileged customers.

It’s £37 for a one-month trail membership and £397 for Two Years Full Membership with a ‘Full money back guarantee’. Lee is a racing insider who claims to know the owners and have an inside view.

For the standard racing tip line, it looks like his approach pays dividends:

“The standard racing tips line provided 130 tips over the 12 months period. Longest winning run – five. Longest losing run – eight. Yearly winning percentage – 54% Profit to level £100 stakes = £5,400.”

That’s not bad at all in my view. Remember that while some people would be disappointed with £5,400 a year, that’s a decent TAX-FREE profit part time. And it’s a consistent income, which is all you can ask.

This is why I recommend that you only try betting strategies if you’re really into it anyway. Then you’re making money for having some fun. It’s like turning a hobby into cash.  If you want big jackpots and megabucks wins, then you’re entering serious gambling territory. Which brings us to the ‘privileged’ level of this service.

My reader found it was a different story for the high level service. He writes:

“For this he expects you to bet on his behalf. Bets range from a few hundred to several thousands – yes that’s pounds! You have to send him the winnings to odds for the amount bet, i.e. £3000 bet at 3/1. Unfortunately, his information seems to rely far too much on owners’ excitement… either that, or he’s had a very unlucky year! Of 27 ‘Special’ bets, only 5 have been successful. That’s right, 22 out of 27 have LOST with your money riding on them.”

So there’s good AND bad news there. It seems that the big gambling side of Bolingbroke’s service isn’t paying off, but the less risky approach is working fine.

Personally, I’d advise against ever sending anyone money to bet on your behalf. Check out their systems by all means. Read manuals. Get tips. Have a play with the strategy and see how it works. But don’t give any guru YOUR money to play with.

And remember, whatever anyone says, there’s ALWAYS risk attached to betting systems. It’s how you control that risk which makes the difference.

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