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Published on November 30th, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: Legacy and Saver Systems – ADK Publishing

Legacy & Saver Systems - ADK Publishing - ReviewNEW UPDATE!

The guys from ADK Publishing have got their latest version of Legacy & Saver out – and it’s a super-improved version.

In an email interview I interrogated Andrew from ADK on why this was so different to their previous Legacy and Saver systems…

In the first part, it’s about usability. The new enhanced Legacy ‘Bet & Go’ system makes it extremely easy to place your bets the evening or the morning before racing. And there’s much more historical data too.

“The in depth research we have done has been exhaustive,” Andrew said. “But worth it!”

He continued: “We have ensured that every racecourse listed in the new book will produce a profit if followed ‘individually’,(based on examining 12 years of accurate historical data). Therefore, the cumulative profits by following all these courses together on a daily basis will prove very handsome over the long term.”

And – the question you’re most interested in – what about the results for 2009?

So far the Legacy & Saver system combined would give you  +57.06 points at SP and +66.47 at Betfair. (Don’t worry, these two different methods of making money are explained when you join).

The new Legacy Bet and Go system also includes a free  ‘Legacy Lay’ system. According to ADK’s stats, this has so far “produced profits in excess of £4,800 within a 6 month period.”

In terms of feedback on ADK and their reliability, I’ve also got some latest comments about Legacy’s system, passed onto me by Clive Keeling from his readers:

“As you know I have been using the systems for sometime now… and have found them really solid systems that do produce a profits long term”

“I decided to purchase the Legacy & Saver System along with the safebetplan and so far I have made over £2,500 from a £1000 bank this was from a curvature of 14. It may take longer to make the profits using the safebetplan but I feel very safe using it. I back all selections whether odds on or not and have only had a losing run of 8 in over 6 months which is really good. It did have a tricky mid May but I held my nerve and have turned it into a nice profit.”
M Golden

“[This] is proving a nice little system for me so far recording a 55% strike rate with some great winning runs of 4 and 5 on many occasions – Nice one!”
J Crawford

All the latest info is here


2008 UPDATE on the Legacy and saver

As you know, I like to track the progress of certain products that I recommend. Keeps the publishers on their toes.

One of them is the Legacy and Saver System. It’s a horse betting system I reviewed a year or so ago.

I got an email from the publisher – ADK Publishing – this week, which said:

“Since Sept 1 st – 17 th Oct we are currently £1,495 in profit to £100 level stakes at starting price, and £1,979 taking the second show price.”

They continued:

“So far in October we are just ahead which is great, as this can be a tricky period between the crossover of the end of the flat season and the proper start to the jumps.”

I can trust their word because my betting contact, Clive Keeling monitors these guys and follows their tips. He’s been very positive about them, and I’ve no reason to doubt him, because he puts his money where his mouth is.

Click here for more info

So with this endorsement from a trusted resource in mind…

Original Review from 2007:

Here I happily defer to my contact in the betting industry, Clive Keeling of What Really Wins Money (see my review section). He likes the Legacy system from ADK publishing.

“The Legacy, historically, has shown its own in the flat,” he says.

As for the The Saver system…

“It has continued consistency and has brought a steady flow of winners, some at reasonable prices such as 3/1 and 5/2. Unlike the system sellers, I will happily back all saver selections – even below evens. I am growing more confident in The Saver’s ability to continuously provide me with winners and see this system as very much a standalone backing system for my portfolio.”

Looks like Clive is impressed with the Saver System which since October 2006 has only suffered a losing run of 6 and has had 11 winners out of the last 16 bets.
He has also added the system to his own portfolio of backing systems and uses it with a staking plan.

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