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Published on November 21st, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: Let Good Things Happen

A reader has asked me about a website called “letgoodthingshappen”. The headline reads:

“Do you realise that there are people all over the World who work away quietly from home and never have to worry about money or whether they can make ends meet this month?”

Well, yes…. yes I do!

Unfortunately, this website won’t help you join them. Because this has nothing to do with starting a genuine home business.

It asks you to join for a fee. After this simple act you’ll start receiving money… as if by magic.

Nothing else is involved. No work. No ideas. No product. No buying or selling. This means, of course, that it’s a pyramid scheme.

The trick is so simple, it’s almost irresistible. You send money up the chain. The people at the top get richer. And the idea is that at some point loads of people will then send money to YOU. And then YOU get richer. That’s the idea anyway.

It might work, perhaps. That is, if you’re early enough and lucky enough to get in near the top.

But by the time the likes of you and I see these American-based pyramid offers, there’s absolutely NO CHANCE we’re in any privileged position.

The only way to make money from an illegal, unethical pyramid scheme… is to start one yourself.

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