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Published on March 25th, 2010 | by Charlie Wright


Review: Lightspeed Panel

Home survey opportunity

After my little rant the other week about spam offering “work from home” opportunities, I got an email that redresses the balance a bit.

“After receiving multiple emails from a company called Lightspeed Panel, I decided to look them up, and finally signed up with them about a week ago.

Since then, I’ve completed 8 surveys, each of which takes between 10 and 25 minutes to complete, and has been reasonably entertaining, looking at new adverts and so on.

For each survey completed, you receive a certain number of ‘Lightspeed points’ (typically between 50 and 110 per survey), and these can then be traded for vouchers or cash through PayPal at a rough exchange rate of 1 point per penny.

Having only been doing this a week, I’ve already got myself a £5 Amazon voucher, and am well on the way to another one.”

As my reader admits, this isn’t a lot of money at all. It’s more like a freebie here and there. So it could be worth doing but you have to be realistic.

For my money, you’d be a lot better off, with far less effort, if you tried a decent comping service. You just have to enter your name and address somewhere and that’s about all you need to do.

By entering these things every day you can start winning a constant trickle of freebie stuff – and occasionally some whopping prixes.

Here’s a recent Insider’s Edge review for one called Simply Prizes:

Simply Prizes review

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