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Published on April 27th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Live Sports Profits – Mr X (Oxon Press)

Live Sports Profits ReviewBack from the betting lab! So what’s the verdict on Live Sports Profits?

I have to say it’s nice to test something that’s actually in profit for a change!

This one first caught my eye a few months back when I saw a flurry of impressive testimonials coming in from members.

Here are a few:

“…awesome result… 4 tips won me £154.00!…”

“…Returned £923 – great stuff cheers…”

“…another £350 profit…”

It’s called Live Sports Profits and you can see full details here:

Live Sports Profits.

The really unique thing about this is that it’s compiled and run by several experts (not just one) with a combined 168 years experience in sports betting.

Each has their specialist field and they debate and run a system of checks and balances against one other before releasing their final tips to members.

(In case you’re wondering you don’t need to know anything about sport for this one whatsoever).

I thought this was an interesting approach so I grabbed myself a spot to see what all the fuss was about. Without giving the game away too much I have to say I’ve been really very impressed.

So what is Live Sports Profits about exactly

It’s a tipping service with a bit of a twist. Most of the tipping services and systems I’ve come across and tested to date have focused on just one of the major betting sports – horse racing or football.

Live Sports Profits is refreshingly simple and different.

It’s simple because it unashamedly hones in on some of the less ‘mainstream’ betting sports (and in fact this is where the service has enjoyed the most success thus far).

Often they’ll be a bet or two on the football but then in the same email you can have a bet on the marathon and the darts.

Maybe I’ve become numb to seeing the same old rubbish but I think this makes for a pleasant change. I get a bit of a buzz finding out that that odd little bet I placed on the darts the other week has bumped up my Betfair balance.

The tips themselves come from a variety of sports specialists (Peter Mac, Brad Hayward, Greg Caskie, Chris Whittle and Matt Nesbitt) and it’s headed up by Mr X – no that’s not his real name unfortunately. They cover everything from F1 and cricket to American Football and tennis and seemingly everything in between.

I like that you get all the information you need to place bets at the best odds and the staking plan is foolproof

The staking plan is EASY. No calculators needed here, you just decide how much you want to bet ‘per point’. In my case I’m betting £10 a point.

Here’s how it works…

Next to each selection they tell you how many points to bet. It’s almost always 0.5 points but occasionally I’ve seen it go up to 1 point. In my case this means I’ve mostly been betting £5 a time (at 0.5 a point).

Now bearing in mind there are probably less than 10 bets a week at £5 a pop it means my risk (or liability) is pretty low. So far my bank has been steadily increasing and if this continues for another month I may consider upping my stakes. I’ve had one reader write in to say that they haven’t had as much success on this one and hit a small loss. Obviously I can only comment on the experience that I’ve had and to date that’s been very positive as I’m running a healthy profit. It does serve as a reminder that it’s worth paper trading on this and any new service until your comfortable with how it’s going. There will always be up and down weeks.

Frequency of the tips and emails

Most weeks you’re sent two emails, one midweek and one just before the weekend. These are sent well in advance to give you plenty of time to place bets and I’ve not missed selections due to late receipt of the email unlike some services I’ve tested (ahem).

Here’s where some people might get unstuck. Next to each bet they also list the best odds and a variety of bookmakers where you can grab those odds. Now personally I’m a die hard Betfair fan and don’t really like using other bookmakers…

90% of the time this hasn’t caused a problem from me because it’s easy enough to find the same or similar bets on Betfair. However on occasion I have had to alter the bet slightly and once or twice in the last couple of months I’ve just had to ignore a bet. This is just me being lazy. Sensible folk will use the bookmakers on the occasions they find the odds are better – I just like keeping everything in one place.

So realistically how much can you make from this?

Obviously it depends on how much you stake and I do advise starting out small to begin with while you find your feet. When I very first started testing this service my heart sank because it had two bad weeks and I had that familiar ‘here we go again’ feeling.

However it did seem to be a blip and it didn’t take too long to recover and race into profit.

Below is a screenshot for a week’s bets from my Betfair account (only trading Live Sports Profits) to give you an idea:

Live Sports Profits Betfair Slip(I don’t know if you can make out the TINY writing but that’s the best I could get it. Honestly it took me longer to work out how to find and bring up that blasted screen that it did to place the bets!)

So this week, betting with £5 stakes I came up £34.98 profit. This is the net profit after Betfair commissions and I reckon these bets took me around 10-15 minutes to put on in total. I don’t think that’s too shabby at all.

The week before was less impressive because I made a £5.05 loss – although this was partly because I missed a winning bet. The week before that I made £17.08.

These figures might not sound like much but remember I’m betting with small stakes and it’s only taking up 10 -15 minutes a week ‘work’.

Live Sports Profits has quietly impressed me and I’m staying on with this one. If you’re interested in giving it a go you can get a 28 day guest membership on it here:

Live Sports Profits – Guest Membership

Oxon Press (the publishers) are an honest, reputable company who do due diligence on their products and always offer refunds.

In other words, if you do want to get a guest membership you can rest assured that your guarantee is absolutely watertight.

I’m marking this one up as: recommended.

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