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Published on July 10th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: Money Line – Jason Alexander

Money Line Review - Jason AlexanderThe latest offering from Jason Alexander and a way to trade Forex without Spread Betting or taking big risks

When Jason first told me about his Money Line project 6 months ago I was intrigued. It sounded different to anything else I’d ever come across in the Forex trading field and intriguingly uses Binary Betting instead of Spread Betting as the mode of attack.

Now I’ve come across Binary Betting systems before, that’s not new (although they are few and far between). What’s different about this one is that Jason seems to have found a way to transfer some of his very successful Forex trading techniques onto a completely different platform.

The benefits or using Binary Betting over Spread Betting revolve around risk and simplicity. Of course there is still risk involved (like any form of trading) but you know exactly what that risk is the moment you place a trade – you can’t lose any more than that, unlike with Spread Betting where losses can quickly multiply. It’s also ridiculously simple to place trades. There are just 2 buttons – ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ –  no messing about with stop losses or anything like that. Even complete newbies should feel comfortable dabbling with this one.

There are two strands to the service. Jason gives you the whole Money Line strategy so that you can spot profit opportunities for yourself and also sends out a daily ‘heads up’ email every morning for people who might not have time to do the research bit. This really does give you everything you need to profit from the ‘basic strategy’ and all in should take no longer that 5-10 minutes a day to follow.

So how effective is Money Line?

An independent auditor monitored and verified the results on this for over 3 months. In that time the average weekly profit on the basic strategy was 138 pips with no losing weeks. At £1 a point (which are the minimum stakes) that’s a profit of £138 a week… £276 at £2 a point and so on.

That’s a pretty impressive return on something that should take around 5 – 10 minutes a day to run.

I asked two Insider’s Edge beta testers from to look at this one. I’ve already heard back from one tester who’s already started to make good money following Money Line so I’m very impressed with the results so far. He’s some feedback that’s come in from members:

“£708.50 profit WOW!!!!! I’ve paid for the course already and I am in profit straight away.” Steve

“Great around 50 pips on both euro and pound… thanks Jason you are a legend.” Ali, London

“Thanks so much for such a genius trading plan…which makes you a genius. I am feeling so positive about the future and owe it all to you.” Janet S

The publishers are currently offering a 30 day risk-free trial on this. I’m told spaces are limited so if you’re interested you’ll need to need to act fast before they suspend new applications.


You can find out full details here: Money Line


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