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Published on October 9th, 2010 | by Tom Wake


Review: One A Day

by Charlie Wright

From the many hundreds of emails I’ve got about tipping services I’ve realised what most people. And it’s not what most tipsters provide in their sales pages.

What people want is a really STRAIGHTFORWARD tipping service that makes some regular money. They’re happy to accept that it won’t make them super-rich. They’re happy to accept some losses.

As long as they get quality tips from an expert who knows more about a horse’s chances of winning than they do (that’s all you can ask for really!)

·         They want the information to be affordable…

·         They want the information to be profitable in the long run and want to see PROOF of the track record

·         They want the information to come directly to them so they can make their own decision.

·         And they want the chance to test it out, protected by a solid refund guarantee.

If you fall into this category of pundit, then go and check out One a Day. This service from Clive Keeling is a return to really straightforward betting.  Instead of looking for high priced long shots he seeks out low risk, short-priced bets with a high probability of success.

It’s mainly horse racing, but he’ll also cover the occasional football fixture…. any sport that meets his criteria.

All you need is an email address… a Betfair account (you’ll get shown you how to set one up – takes only a few minutes)…. and a starting bank of £100 – £200 (though you can beef that up if you want).

As the title One A Day suggests you’ll get emailed a selection every day. It takes about 30 seconds to carry out the simple instructions online. And that’s pretty much it.

The results are good too – with no BULL claims or wild exaggeration.

Over a 17 month period (November 2008 – May 2010) you could have made a profit of £8,551 using £200 level stakes per selection, that’s the equivalent of £503 per month, tax free.

Not bad when you consider the simplicity.

Yes, it uses Betfair, but for 2 good reasons. As Clive says:

1) They’ll never shut down your account for being ‘too successful’
2) On average you get 20% better odds

When you sign up to the service, Clive will give you a code. This allows you to have £25 in freebie betting money. This means you could even start with a £75 starting bank.

A user of Clive’s system, Ian McAuley, reports:

“I am not really one for betting, but I have been receiving your service for 3 months now and made a profit each month – 1st month £160, 2nd month £140 and 3rd month £105. I started with a betting bank of £500. And the start of a new month I transfer any amount over that amount into my bank. This month I am going to build up my bank, and there for putting bigger bets on, now my confidence is improving.”

Update: This service is no longer available. Why not try Delay React Trade?

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