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Published on April 25th, 2012 | by Tom Wake


Review: One Minute Commissions – Mike Auton & Rebecca Roberts

One Minute Commissions - Mike AutonCan you make commissions from this in under a minute or is this scam?

One Minute Commissions is the latest major release from Mike Auton (and Rebecca Roberts) to hit inboxes.

The first thing to note is that it’s sold via a ClickBank rival called ‘ClickSure’ who are based here in the UK. More than one Insider’s Edge reader has written in to say that they’ve used ClickSure and claimed a refund with no problem. However, this is a still a relatively new digital marketplace, which is worth bearing in mind.

On with the review…

If you haven’t already, you can see the promotion for One Minute Commissions here.

Now unless there’s a subliminal message in this video that I’ve missed you’ll have probably, like me, come away from it wondering what the system involves. I mean it sounds wonderful… all this automated dosh… and there are lots of testimonials from beta testers (who look suspiciously like they’re reading off a script)… but what’s it all about?

Well, before we get to that I’d actually like to run through a few of the figures quickly (you’ll see exactly why in a moment).

The story goes that a few months ago they set up a new ClickBank account to test out an idea – with the ambitious target of making $10,000 per day, from scratch.

So what happens during their ‘experiment’?

They reputedly cleared $6,361.77 in day one, an eyeball popping $36,770.69 in day two and… well I’m sure you can imagine the rest. Think dollar counters that endlessly swivel upwards while Rebecca Roberts whispers obscene cash numbers into your ear.

It was at this point that I first hit the panic button. They claim to have deposited vast amounts of money during this experiment into their brand new ClickBank account – and the implication is that it’s from using the exact same system we’re being shown.

I did a bit of digging here and the timing of this ClickBank extravaganza coincides very conveniently with another launch from this company this time for a product called: ‘Quick Click Commissions’. Blimey, well isn’t that a coincidence?

Probably not…

The headline figures used throughout the promotional video are almost certainly from a launch they did push another of their products that has nothing to do with the system their showing us.

Ok ok, so it looks like they’re using some pretty low rent marketing tactics here – but does it actually work or is One Minute Commissions a great big scam?

The system is actually based on a pretty simple premise:

You make affiliate commissions (through ClickBank, Amazon, or in fact any affiliate deals you may have) via YouTube videos. The idea behind One Minute Commissions is that it automates this process.

Now to be fair I have to say it does kind of deliver on this front – sort of. There’s a fairly decent member’s website and you can find the training videos easily. Also the system software (which is called Accelero – I love that name) is genuinely simple to use. The only thing you need to bring to the party is an affiliate link and it pretty much automates the rest. In that sense this is not a scam – they don’t take your money and run and there is a ‘system’ here.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is the videos it creates.

They. Are. Rubbish.

I’m talking seriously rubbish. They’re short, worthless looking videos that just display one image accompanied by some awful background music. If I stumbled across one of these videos I’d be confused, annoyed and likely to hit the ‘Flag as Inappropriate’ button.

I suppose you could potentially make some money using this system IF some poor lost Internet soul found, clicked and purchased a product using one of these links. However, I would be absolutely flabbergasted if you made a fraction of what they claim you could make in promotional material.

In fact I can’t see any real difference between this and any of the other ‘Black Hat’ strategies that Google hates, like Auto Blogging for example.

But if it makes money who cares right?

Even if you’re OK with the trashy element to this One Minute Commissions this approach is almost certainly a fast-track way of getting your YouTube account shut down. Google hates trickery or junk content and they dedicate a huge amount of resources tracking down spammers and bots and getting them closed down. If you do give try this one whatever you do, make sure you use a brand new YouTube account that you don’t mind losing.

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  1. Andy says:

    Hi Tom, just to say I tried (and quickly refunded) this and thought it was a waste of time as well.

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