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Published on November 15th, 2013 | by Tom Wake


Review: Online Amazing Sales – Mark Shay

By Charlie Wright

I’m not sure about this opp. His sales pitch is good… although he’s ripping off the Rich Jerk

E.g.: “I am rich and you’re not, you utter moron.”

He says: “This Is Without- A-Doubt, The MOST IMPORTANT Letter You Will Ever Read In The Entirety Of Your Life!  So Listen Up, Shut-Up, and Buck-Up!”


He claims to have developed the “OAS Wealth Building System”. Apparently it’s going to make you almost half a million dollars his year.

I’d be wary. There’s no specific product in evidence here. It’s a lot of flannel and hype.

And for $40 you ‘aint going to get the secret to life-long wealth in just one manual. If it was really the secret to almost half a million dollars, he’d be charging over $200… at the very least.

I will look further into this one, but I’d save your cash and avoid this for the moment.

For less than £50 you could get a decent trading manual, a subscription to a powerful idea-packed newsletter like What Really Makes Money or Ebay Confidential. Or a good internet marketing manual.

Check out the review section on this website, and see what I mean.


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